Anyone going to Brighton Breeze 2nd Oct - 4th Oct

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Camp together at Hook Rd - Conv. in together

  1. Yes

  2. No - Meet at sea Frt

  1. Thinking of camping over the Fri night at Hook Rd ....
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  2. I shall be.

    Got my bus shortly after last years event, otherwise I would have gone then.

    Saying that, I may well be in Italy travelling in my bus!
    We shall see.
  3. Great event but bit of a wash out last year. Will be tempted to go again though
  4. I know its a long way off but lets keep in contact here - I will be going :)
  5. I'll be there, it's the gig of the year.
    We've not done Hook Road for a couple of years but now they've finally organised things a bit better we're def up for it.
  6. I'm tempted.
  7. I think I'm going to this one never been but everyone says it's great so will camp down all weekend bit really looked into it but it's in my diary xx
    Just looked and what's the 2 camp sites involve anyone ?? Race course or hook road ??
  8. i think you can camp at either the night before event now ,then the race course after , but dont quote me ?
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  9. To enjoy the Breeze to the max, camp at Hook Rd on the Friday night, cruise down to Brighton, an easy 58 miles at a steady 50mph and park on the sea front all day before adjourning to Brighton racecourse for the party on Saturday night. Up early Sunday and a gentle potter home.
    There's bogs/beer tent/burger van at Hook rd and bogs and the stadium at the racecourse. Price includes as many folk as you can get in your van, it's the best bash of the season.
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  10. Yes u can camp at Hook rd Fri and Sat at the racecourse after show
  11. Shall we try and get a TLB conv. and camp together
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  12. I'm in all weekend both nights I think !!
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  13. I'm in all weekend both nights I think !!
  14. We've never done Brighton Breeze before..Ill have to check the calendar and see what is down on it! :D
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  15. We're planning on going but won't be staying at Hook Road. The cruise took forever the year we did it and we ended up right at the back of Madeira Drive after about 4 years of driving up it so we'll find somewhere else for the Friday :).
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  16. In the words of the great Martin Fry, 'that was then but this is now'
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  17. I went 2 years ago and we got a Hot bacon roll on the way out for everyone in the van at Hook Rd :)
  18. Yes but now we have the ungainly Jurgens to propel around, even more trouble :D
  19. Me and four mates are up for this both nights
  20. Yep yep yep. I keep missing this but will try again this year.

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