Alternative fuel hose? Fuel pipe research

Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by Mucka, Jun 8, 2014.

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    No one has answered @chewabledrapery properly though,
    FI is supposed to be 7mm hose @77 Westy and it is hard to get hold of?
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  2. Hey all,

    Thanks for this, yeah @Flakey I'm still a bit confused but I will check out the VW Heritage suggestion thanks @Alex VW Heritage

    Think I'll measure and re-measure all the OD's on all the parts (tank, injectors, metal fuel rail etc.) I'm not sure if Robert Atwell is talking about the ID of the hose required or not, i.e. are the OD of the fittings 8mm and therefore need 7mm hose.

    I'll have a measure and report back its all in bits at the moment anyway so no biggie :)

  3. I've measured the fuel rail and fuel tank and those pipes are 7mm OD so it seems that Robert Atwell is correct.

    So it looks like I need some obscure size like 6.6mm to get a nice tight fit as instructed by

    meh :(
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  4. I read somewhere about using marine grade fuel line
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    They're all barbed ends on the Injector rails, 7mm will be perfect!
  6. We’ll agree to disagree – I’ve used worm drive and nut and bolt type hose clips for uncomfortably close to half a century; both types apply similar uneven clamping forces around the hose but either type is satisfactory, the important thing is to use the correct size of clip for the hose.

    For what it’s worth I use nut and bolt clamps for the low pressure fuel system on my Bay but worm drive on the fuel injection and all of the water hoses on my MGB.
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  7. Not perfect; the ID of the hose should be smaller than the OD of the fitting, whether it’s barbed or not.
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    My fuel rails measure 8mm pipe and 9mm across the barb so I'll stick with 7mm being perfect as per Ratwells chart :)
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  9. Ha ha that you did sir, I was too busy eating my mcdonalds :)

    thanks all reckon I've got what I need, much appreciated
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  10. I bought some vernier calipers and re-measured the pipes, they are 8mm not 7mm as measured with a ruler... Just sayin :)
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  12. JT1


    Has anyone started to use superunleaded as I'm concerned that it's not just the rubber hoses and fittings which ethanol attacks?
    Similar article to the TR Register attached.

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  13. Bloody hell that doesn't look good, I might start using super...
  14. I'm trying to work out if I can install a hardline fuel system to my stock type4 1700. I know that the Ethanol attacks copper and brass, but there are lined Alu pipes and of course stainless. The biggest problem I'm having is finding lines with an ID of 6mm that also have fittings available. I can find plenty with ID 8mm, but unsure how that'll work with a stock set-up.

    The US have E10 petrol and there seems to be more stock for hardline systems. I personally don't know if this is the way to go. Anyone else tried, succeeded with a hardline set up?
  15. so who can tell me a definitive where to buy the best FUEL INJECTED 8mm hose from ???

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