Alternative fuel hose? Fuel pipe research

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  1. Thinking; How many meters per van, 3 ish?
    If you could get commitment from say 10 on here with the rest for your business. .. I'd give it a go if the price is right, just another 9 or so to go....
  2. Yeah, 3m would do you nicely!! :)

    I've sent them an email, so we'll see where we stand!! Next point of contact will be goodyear, see whether I can work out something with them in their technical department!! ;)

    If I get somewhere with this, then I can definitely set up a LB group buy :thumbsup:
  3. Sounds good I have emailed Gates to find out if they have UK suppliers of the barricade line, I will call them on my day off this week too.
  4. The new line has arrived no manufacturing marks

  5. Where has that come from?? :)
  6. That was the one supplied from

    This one has got a date stamp on it, I am waiting for a call back from the gates rep.
  7. I had similar issues with o-rings at a company I used to work at...

    We required them to have a high tolerance to nitrogen permeation, as they were a used to seal a gas canister... We got the formulation pinned down as to what we needed, and specified this to the o-ring supplier... No bother says they, and then we had to sample test every batch that they sent us, as for some reason they refused to stick to it :rolleyes:

    Daft buggers for doing it though, as we'd do large batch orders of 5 to 10,000 o-rings at a time... so we'd send them back if they weren't in spec!!
  8. Quality control is something these company's are not concerned about, its cost over reliability.

    What's that old saying buy cheap buy twice. or is that buy high buy twice?
  9. Either way, it's going to cost you ;)
  10. Gates got back to me but he could only find 8mm or 1/4 is the 1/4" going to be a bit too big for the original 5.6mm? I work it out as being 6mm

    6.0 mm = 0.23622 inches
    6.5 mm = 0.25591

    1 mm = 0.03937
  11. .25x25.4=6.35
  12. Was this Gates in the UK? I'm sure I've bought true 6mm (metric) Gates hose off the reel at a motor factors. In fact, it's what's on the van at the mo - still in good shape after 5 years.
  13. This was the uk gates, what is the correct size line needed for both carb and injection systems?

    5.6mm inner diameter for carbs
    Is it 8mm for injection?
  14. If you look on rat well, somewhere he lists all hose/pipe sizes for the type 4.
  15. :cool:
    If anyone finds that before me can you post the link please
  16. Baysearcher

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  17. I think the 1/4 " is too big I have some 6mm line I will try it on my standard fuel pump.

    Alternatives, the hard line pipe, how hot does the engine bay get if this line was ran behind the cooling tinwear for twin carbs?
  18. It is too big for std installs, but those of us with webers/dells it is ideal :thumbsup:

    Short length of hose from the bottom of the tank to a stepped fuel filter, then the 1/4 from that to the carbs!! :)

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