Agreed value struggling with Adrian Flux ( still )

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Dancing Bear, Nov 21, 2011.

  2. I really don't see the problem???

    I you insure anything, regardless of motor, house, health at a specific Value it is reflected in the premium you pay....

    If you don't claim the insures win, if you do claim you win..... It's a Gamble.... Insurers are no better than William Hill..

    Mrs B has me insured for 150 grand, enough to cover our mortgage.... But I know I'm worth more than that.. :))
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    The basis of the thread was them taking a premium for an accepted value and then reneging on that deal. That's not right whatever the arguments about what a van is or isn't worth :(
  5. wow, still going then...
  7. i havnt used adrian flux for 14 years now as they were a pain in the ass and not that cheap in fact last modded motor i rang them about they quoted 3x more than the rest so i havent rung them since!
  9. Sign of the times nowadays a promise means nowt

    Verbal contracts aint worth the paper ther written on and if its a paper contact you best have the cash for a good soliciter and a stomach for long tern aggro and stress

    I once got refused a payout for a claim with a modified insurance company because my suspension was not as described

    I lowered a car with after market gas shocks and springs all type approved and insurance notified

    I was asked how much lower than stock was the car on the phone so i told them 50% lower

    When it came to the claim it was how far away from manafacturer spec was it and the 50% away from spec was pushed over the boundry because my dampers were painted blue rather than the oem spec of manafacturers black

    I had the option of paying a £2000 premium expansion on my immediatly or they wouldent pay out

    I told them to stuff it but as i was young my mum payed the differance as she was worried about me

    They payed out 3k for a autotrader bottom value vehicle of 6k

    Insurance and modern life your fceked if you do and your fcecked if you dont
  10. sorry i missed this off the bottom

    30k lol

    15 to 20 k is the market range where the good busses are at
    If you insure above 9 k then your premium gets loaded with the extra danger of a pay out

    Im not saying your bus isnt worth 30k to you as its different for each person

    For me its the agrro and stress in the middle i cant cope with nowadays

    These used to be cheap easy to work on reliable busses that would get positive looks after a coat of rollered gloss
    Nowadays the top end busses seem to be bought by people wanting to buy into a scene instead of the mis life crises red sportscar

    Oops sorry peeps i think i vented a little there

    Ill go open another bottle of port lol

    I love you all though even if i dont agree with you i will still have love for you#
  11. whs ^^^^
    i think all insurance companies do everything they can to worm out of paying out
    i ve got my bug insured with af £100 quid fully comp for the year you d think all s good
    when my 2 nd bus came i phoned and asked how much to keep the bug on the road reply was you cant keep it on the road
    you ve got a high risk postcode (??????????£100 a year fuly comp wtf)alright can i keep it on the road and not be covered for theft ?
    can i keep it on my lawn at the side of my drive?
    no thats private land
    and best about the dive has got no gates or fence and goes right in to the road
    and all they could come back at me with well you ve got a good price for your cover
  12. Mr Dancing Bear, I assume you are still reading this post. Give a call and let us know how you get on.

    I have 2 cars insured through Adrian Flux, as they are modified, and have never had a problem with them. Always match and beat any other quotes I get. However when I got my van I went for a classic car insurance company, and the guy I spoke to actually had a 72 bay as well. I sent them pics and cost details, and got a very good agreed value on it of 19K. I told them that I am having further work done on the engine and gearbox, and they have told me to call them when it is done to get the policy changed. Very helpful and only costing me £250 a year.

    Talking valuations will always open up a huge debate, that's life. More important that you get yourself sorted to cover your costs (as best you can).

    Don't give up yet. Keep ringing round. Let us know the outcome.
  13. I`m thinking of upping mine to 40k as if anything happens i can pay off the mortgage as well :thinking:

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