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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Dancing Bear, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. When we bought Adelaide from G'day Kombis we chose a level of restoration/ rebuild to make her comparable with buying a new vehicle because we didn't want a Danbury. She was expensive but we think she is worth it. However I have been frustrated by insurance companies who don't want to insure at what I think is the full value.
    Adrian Flux said they would insure for that value subject to their normal agreed value procedures . I provided that and then they asked for an independent valuation which I obtained and now they tell me that they will not do agreed value for Adelaide and will only do what they call Market value .
    So where do I go now? I've told Adrian Flux that the value of Adelaide is the market value , look at their website and ask how many they sell, but no I suspect that they will still not play ball.

    Any suggestions for insurance companies to try will be gratefully accepted. If you've seen Adelaide you can say how beautiful and immaculate she is, but I am fed up with the stress of this insurance prevarication. Maintenance and repair costs I expected, but not this.
  2. Why dont you try Cherished Vehicle insurance (who are forum sponsers) and see how they approach valuations? Worth a try
  3. ^^whs
  4. Good suggestion, I will try it
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    Give Peter James a call. Fantastic.
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    how much do you value your bus at? is it far away from what they would value it at?
  7. They won't say! This is part of the problem. I am pretty sure I've been reasonable about it and have sent them all the bills, purchase documentation etc but despite saying that they would not have a ceiling on price ( some will not go above 25,000 ) they obviously have.
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    I've got a G'day Kombis van myself which I insured in February. I spent 2 days phoning around and going through all the same stuff. I couldn't get an agreed valuation anywhere near the amount I paid and just settled for what I could get. Went with HiC in the end but the valuation was nothing like I was looking for. This was after sending photos and invoices.

    I tried every insurer who advertises in VW magazines.

    I have noticed that 'VW down under' are advertising an agreed value insurance arrangement. They do some pricey stuff at the top end, so I was thinking of giving them a call at renewal time to see if they would give me the details. Might be worth a try :)
  10. Personally I think that the sales team and the customer service tell one story and the agreed value people another. I am around the figures you mentioned and they have always said it would be no problem and now it's "we are unable to offer this inclusion based on current details " I am not impressed.
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    but surely regardless of wht you spend on a van there has to be an amount that is too high, if insurance is to replace the vehicle then if its possible to buy for 10K what took you 30k to achieve then this is likely to be their prefered option. when restoring is it easy to spend way way over the true value of the van, does that mean the van is worth an acummulation of every penny ever spent on it?
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  18. Well, I called them again, and here's what I was told: 'Valuations are never rejected so long as photos and receipts are supplied, and especially not after an independant valuation. The only time we would reject a valuation is say, for example, if someone bought a vehicle for £5k, spent absolutely nothing on it and then tried to value it at £9k. In that case we'd never insure it for more than the purchase price'.
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