Agreed value struggling with Adrian Flux ( still )

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Dancing Bear, Nov 21, 2011.

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  2. I understood that Agreed value should cover what it would cost to replace it with a similar van
    not what you paid (I know i paid to much for mine)

    If you can provied several quotes for vans similar from diffrent sources that should do.

    have you asked them why they don't think its worth what you are asking.
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    for a small fee you can get a restorer to value your vehicle to ensure an insurance company belives its value, i asked for mine to be valued at £14k with peter james, they asked for photos i obliged, they agreed, i'm happy.
  4. Some interesting points raised in here ....

    Pinky is probably worth £10-12k ish ... and valued at £12k so thats good. If I spent £3k on a new paint job I dont think it would up her value to £15k ...
  5. BUT

    If it got to a stage where she definitely needed a paint job that COULD devalue her by
  6. They will be all worth next to nowt in twenty years time when fuel is so expensive

    My bus My bus My bus for a horse
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  9. I can't comment on the value, but these G'Day combi's are a bit special. I think you buy a bit of aftercare as well when you go shopping there. Horses for courses.
  10. I think a lot are missing the point here. The thread's about being misled by an insurance company. It's not about arguing how much different members' buses are worth, nor referring to others who own very special buses in as new condition as 'pulling silly figures out of the air'. Really, there's been a few unnessary unpleasant comments made. Let's say, for example, someone spends £25k on their bus, including buying it in the first place. For that, it would of course be a pretty special bus, a one-off. If desperate for the money, maybe they would later sell it for £17k. And that would be fine. But that doesn't negate the [glow=red,2,300]FACT[/glow] that they could have got £25k for it if they'd held out. And why not? It's a [glow=red,2,300]FACT[/glow] that the very best Bays do regularly sell for that amount. But if someone stole it, the victim would again need to spend £25k to reach the level they were at. For that reason they have every right to seek out an insurance company who'll insure it at that level. You'd be foolish not to.
  11. I dont like the use of FACT - it can be a dangerous word.

    One thing I would advise in the future is finding an insurance company that will insure a van to the value you want before you get the vehicle?
  12. Insurance companies won`t insure for that much because they are just not worth that much money , BUT the higher the agreed value the higher the premium so if you want agreed value on say a 20k bus you are paying more in premiums than on a bus worth 10k ... I think we need a post from CVI to clarify things ....

    this is an open forum so you will get alsorts of comments good or bad , go on lock it ;D
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    I've seen no "unpleasant comments" in this thread.
    Anyone who thinks that because they've spent £25k on restoring a bus makes it worth £25k is being hopeful. It is very rare to ever get back the money put into a restoration.
    Saying that bays "regularly sell" for that amount is also a bit "rose tinted spectacles" imho. Just because they're advertised for that, doesnt mean thats what they sell for.
    A mate of mine did a concourse resto on his bay last year. It sold for less than £20k. Fact.
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    As an aside, if you can get £30k for yours, sell it! The arse will drop out of the market sooner or later anyway.
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    I think the point here is about INDEPENDANT valuations. The OP stated that the insurance company wouldnt accept his valuation. The 2 are likely to be very different. If an engineers report and T2OC valuer give it a £30k value, fair play.

    You could spend the same money restoring any car, mk 3 Fiesta for example. its only body work, paint and upholstery etc. It doesnt mean that car could be worth £30k.
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    There is a thread on edition38 watercooled forum today about someone having troubloe with adrian flux. Saying they are rude and how they are now after OKing the insurance asking for more documents abnd saying they are cancelling the policy.

    From what i have read their service is not too good and alot of their staff are said to be rude
  19. I feel like I've got to put a "without prejudice" tag, before I start,

    Buses at £25k, anyone who believes they are regulary selling is deluding themselves, theres not many people walking round with 25k burning a hole in their pocket ready to blow it on an old camper.

    A friend has been looking for a bus since the end of August where condition and price reflect each other, he's got a budget of £13k so we're not talking bottom end of the market, I've looked at 6 for him, spending hours driving all over the place to be dissapointed by buses priced from £8.5k to £14k, At the last look I know of only 1 that has been sold, 1 has had the price increased - some weird logic there, and 3 others are still available. I've found Excellent condition varies from seller to seller and often always carries the after thought disclaimer that the bus is nealry 30 years old, One specialist was particulary guilty of this.

    Mods on a bus for insurance purposes are generally only valued at 50%. Likewise if the mods were removed and sold on, be it wheels/interior/new roof etc, you would not expect to recoup the full cost, even if the goods were in as new condition.

    Some buses sit up for sale all year waiting for the high prices, just the same as the greedy parts sellers, same old adverts all year round, that I imagine most of you have seen time and time again.

    I've gone off topic, but just wated a bit of a reality check here.

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