FOR SALE '68 registered Beetle

Discussion in 'Non Late Bay Classifieds' started by Mattlad, Jul 26, 2016.

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    Silver Needs points/will pay!

    How about a swap for a 2007 Vauxhall Zafira, 13 months Mot and only 100k on the clock.
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    @Mattlad how many doors do you need? Enough to swap for a beetle?
  3. Thanks for the offers guys. Although these are both cars I have been secretly admiring for some time - I just don't need another set of wheels at the mo.
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  4. Only need a half a dozen small ones.

    Anyway I thought me and Lardy had a deal but he's gone very quiet....
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  5. I'd love another beetle, need to sell the MG first. I would preferred an earlier one but '68 bug was what I had about twenty years ago. If the MG goes in the next few days, which I doubt, I'll be touch.
    Good luck with the sale buddy.
    Love the banter :rolleyes:
  6. It beggars belief - it really does.

  7. I'd get an earlier one - they look nicer I reckon. But not so cheap.
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  8. Had to move the van out ready for the weekend so a couple of tantalising pics to feed the frenzy.



    I'm gonna market this as 'barn find'

    Empty Henry the hoover out over it and Booosh another grand on the asking price.
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  9. Keep thinking about this since I sold my camper and have some cash burning a hole in my pocket. I really don't need it... but sooner or later I will have to own a beetle and a cheap rough one would be just fine.

    How rough does it run?
  10. From memory it is hesitant to pick up
    From low revs. It has a 009 dizzy on it which won't help but the fuel in it is old- needs either draining down or running through and fresh go juice added. It is fine once it's got a few revs on it.

    I may use it a bit to get me around after I'm back off holiday as my work van is bound to fail it's MOT as it's a renault and will need some garage time. I'll see how it goes with some fresh fuel in.
  11. You'll probably find that if you market it properly it will sell. I was interested but couldn't work out if you are serious or mucking about. You were going to message me but then didn't.
  12. its a project a nice one at that , but scrap value at the minute is £38 ,makes its very dear , but cheap to some one who wants to throw money at it , glwts
  13. I admit I forgot that I was going to send you some photos when I was able to dig it out of the garage- I haven't found the time as yet but can do when I am back, if you would like.
  14. Why would anyone want to scrap a beetle that is MOT'd an running you fool.
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  15. Seriously, if I get anymore grief over this the price will have to go up.
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  16. Thanks. If you get round to it I'd also be up for seeing some more photos. If I was local I'd come have a look...
  17. fool i think not , i did nt slag your price i quoted scrap value , ive been restoring them for over 20 years , so i think if you look at what i do , you l find am no fool , love peole who don t like to be told real facts , remember i said glws ,
  18. Not a problem Matt. I'll pass on this now I think, I was just pointing out that maybe the reason it hasn't sold is because of you're jokey way.
  19. if your beetle was that good it would have dicCRIBED it would have sold . i was if i remember, i was first to ask ie i want 6 , 8 68 , beetle , but your beetle is not as discribed , its rotten as a pear to look at , if it was as was or what i wanted i would have it , if i had advertised it in ni i would have been slated , or the usual ni to far to go , your beetle is worth SCRAP VALUE £38 MOT OR NOT , if you get what you want i will be the first to say fair play , BUT if you advertise on a public forum , expect to have comments , ie doen st stop you english ripping the ass of me if i say out of house , take a chill pill . your car is not as you think , GLWTS

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