FOR SALE '68 registered Beetle

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  1. Well.

    It would appear that my long term storage solution for my cement mixer, Scaff tower and various other large items of leaving them round various customers houses is not going to work indefinitely and I need some space in the garage.
    This is fortunate for you as you now have the opportunity to buy what must be one of best condition 1968 ( '69 model yr) VW Beetles held in my Bristol postcode area.

    It has been subject to a full nut and bolt restoration* and stands in a condition that an only be described as disappointing.

    *(applies only to the new wheel bolt I bought after loosing one when the wheel fell off undergoing a brake test)

    It has : 10 months mot,
    Slight running issues largely caused by stale fuel I think,
    Welding repairs done to varying standards but solid enough for a good few MOTs I would think,
    A flat tyre.

    I'll let the compulsory photo do the talking that will answer many of the questions you will undoubtably have.


    It is priced at £1750 which allows a bit of room to haggle and do a deal Mike Brewer style. I'll even throw in the monetary equivalent of 12 months road fund license in the form of a personal cheque to the successful purchaser.

    I reserve the right to hold an storage hunters style auction for it with the high level of national and international interest expected in this unique opportunity.

    Many thanks and stay safe.
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  2. what date in 68 is it reged , i was born 1968 any better pics
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  3. jivedubbin

    jivedubbin Moderator

    more pictures cos we like pictures
  4. Would love to see more pics. Price sounds good...
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  5. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    Shes a beauty!
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  6. Bugger, wish I'd sold the MG!!
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  7. 4/11/68
  8. only 10 former owners from new:thumbsup:

    Rare westfalia accessories include non working heated rear window and n/s door mirror.

    The interior comprises of mismatched seats front and back, nearly all the door cards in brown

    One key fits all locks, just doesn't necessarily unlock - you have to use the other key for that.
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  9. Did I mention the many character features - mainly dents - wings, bonnet mainly- small though and known as patina in the split van world
  10. I will get some proper pictures sorted but will take a little while - away at Camp Bestival to see Mr Tumble and Fat Boy Slim, then in Cornwall, the a long weekend in the Cotswolds - back home after that.

    I wanted to do something similar to this with it


    but have no time and none for the foreseeable so...

    I also have a set of rivieras that would look good on it.
  11. I'd take a swap (as long as its not one of those Rovers badged as an MG) with cash my way if it helps out?
  12. Haha, mines worth about 4K mate so would be the other way round I think ;):thumbsup:
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  13. This one's easy to sort out - I'll revise the price of my bug to 4k and I'll chuck in the wheels-

    'old out yer 'and -deal?

    Need picture of MG first mind.
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  14. PSG


    put up more flicks of it. You cant leave us throbbing like this.
  15. Are you interested in a 2001 Beetle auto as PX?
  16. Oh you just reminded me I haven't ordered those doors yet.
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  17. Not for me thanks.

    However, If anyone has a series 1 landrover they don't know the value of I'd be interested
  18. PSG


  19. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    I'm amazed this hasn't been snapped up yet.

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