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  1. Nice one Para, 2k in 10 mins is 10k in 50 mins and that's decent if you are starting out
    Have you tried going a little slower for longer ?
    You could run everyday at this distance but as you go longer take protein afterward within 20 mins to help your body recover, if you want to take a rest day from running then cycle instead
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  2. I also did the couch potato to 5k app on my phone.
    This was a fantastic way to get back into a bit of running. Cardio gets lost soooo quick. If you have given up smoking then don't think you're struggling because you used to smoke, I would be useless after 6 months of no cardio.
    Ps I'm an ex smoker and am one of the only few people I know to have completed insanity (twice) so anyone can do it. What I will say though is that once you have completed the 5k then try to mix your sport up a bit (now that you're fit!) otherwise you will plateau. once I did the 5k I carried on for two years, I didn't really get fitter or improve after that. Two months of insanity did more than two years hard graft running 40mins a day, oh and it saved more damage to my knees.
    Good luck, you will do it.
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  3. Cheers Al
    I think I'm going to do the run for a while then walk for a bit then run again approach and see how I get on.
    I'll pick up some protein powder and start using that.
    I don't have a bike atm and they ain't cheap new
    So I'm keeping my eye on the local buy,sell and swap pages and the local car boot,eBay etc for a road bike
    I think I'd rather enjoy exploring further afield by bike and it would fill the gaps in between running nicely

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  4. Chocolate milks not a bad substitute
    It's within the 20 min window that's critical , protein and a little carbs in it
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  5. Post up a wanted ad here , someone's bound to have one rusting in a shed :)
  6. Save your money and don't bother with the protein shake ... I have done loads of distance cycling and a fair bit of running in my time and never used the stuff ... I tell a lie I used it once and it tasted so disgusting I put it in the bin.
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  7. There'll be hundreds of jaffa bikes lying around the roadsides in September :thumbsup:
  8. I just eat normal food as well...

    My bike was 50 euro and I am beating 1000 pound jobbies ,same as a van with a different engine ,your not suppost to go that fast ...:rolleyes::D
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  9. The protein suggestion is for if you decided to run everyday, just to help the muscles recover
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  10. Merlin Cat

    Merlin Cat Moderator

    @paradox I've got a mountain bike in my shed you can have. It was an admag purchase yrs ago so not in slightest sappley but it works. I got a newer, lighter one as easier to put on my bike rack.

    I'm feeling like starting running after reading all these threads tho not sure if my dodgy body and lungs will cope. :)
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  11. Good man para
    If I don't do something I get lazier and lazier.
    My reasons for exercising are
    1 better sleep
    2 feeling of achievement
    3 I like the physical feeling afterwards - endorphins
    4 head space
    5 increased energy and motivation

    At ten stone you sound like you are built to run.
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  12. Tuesday wildchild

    Tuesday wildchild I'm a circle!

    Not being a killjoy but those running on English country roads don't play the music to laud as you won't hear the city slicker roaring up behind you. Run safe

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  13. ^whs^ definitely...or one earplug. And one more for the don't bother with supplements unless you're really using up loads of calories or controlling them.. milk is a great recovery drink....with ice cream... and a banana and then cake... don't know why I don't loose weight running..must start again now van is on road
  14. That's fantastic cheers Hun
    Is it a women's frame?

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  15. Nice one.
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  16. My advice, don't run on the roads, its not safe. Look for local park or open space or even pavements.

    No need for protein supplements, just eat a normal diet. Save the money and get a second hand bike, loads out there. Off road cycling is best if you can find cycle trails and the like. I wouldn't cycle on normal roads, its too risky these days. Not worth it and you would need lots of safety equipment, lights, hi vis jacket etc. etc.

    I used to find walking and jogging was just right for me to keep fit. Little and often is best, I used to go for a jog most evenings after work for about 2 miles.
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  17. Might be a stupid idea, but have you thought about trying to organise a park run locally? Start small, hopefully the small amount of people who you start with will spread the word.
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  18. As a few others have said I also used couch to 5k to start my training for the great North run. It worked very well and despite me saying I am not built for long distance running I managed to complete the run.

    I will need to dig out my trainers after a few years off because I have just signed up for a 50km cycle, 5km run, 500 steps and a 20m abseil. I will feel your pain as I learn to run 5km again.

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  19. Good luck

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  20. You dont sell the stuff do you ;) to recover build rest days into your 'running' programme is the usual advice.
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