5k run

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by paradox, Aug 14, 2016.

  1. Well done :)
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  2. In France ,to complete the bac 's (like 6th form) they have to run a certain distance in a certain time or they lose points ,I think it's a good idea...

    All the 16 year old near para are probably farmers..:D

    Good luck with your 10k ...:hattip:
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  3. Louey

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    Has anyone mentioned - get yourself some decent trainers designed for running. Feet and knees take a pounding when running and having the right cushioning makes a huge difference.

    Running? Such a swear word to me. Though cycling is a swear word to others.
  4. The trainer thing has been mentioned
    The running trainers from lidl have been perfectly fine for me

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  5. The lighter you are, the less important it comes.
  6. Zed

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    It depends how much time you spend on your feet day to day too. Desk jobbing, my feet used to complain whether running or hill walking, blisters and aches however expensive the footwear. After 8 years clomping about in £10 cardboard ill fitting boots at work they now put up with anything without complaint.
  7. Doing a fair bit of walking and having the build of a garden rake has served me well then

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  8. That's 10k done
    Now to start bringing down the time and look for a race to enter

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  9. Excellent - I did my first 10 km this morning as well 65m9s.
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  10. Well done

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