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  1. Rest , if you get a little strain you'll set yourself back
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  2. I'd also recommend couch to 5K, although I get halfway through week 2 and my knees need 3 weeks recovery :( may need to have some proper fitted trainers.

    Kudos for giving it a go tho! Despite the bad knee's I do enjoy the endorphin hit!

    I find that some days the van like to take the same drive, rest, drive, rest approach :)
  3. You wont believe it until you try, but go to a running shop and get a proper pair of running trainers. Yes, they are pricey ( expect £80 ), but:

    1) You wont completely knack your knees
    2) They weigh next to nothing - and you will feel the difference in picking up your feet

    Oh, and you will also find that most of the customers in the average running shop are 40+ men with 2 kids and a waist - they'll treat you nicely.

    I did this a month ago having agreed to do the London 2k run with my daughters - and it made it possible - I was one of those customers :)
  4. Silver

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    Get Signed up for Parkrun. There will be one near you somewhere. It's free and you can run/walk/crawl whatever you can manage and they time it all for you.
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  5. Oh I almost forgot, woolworths plimsolls,
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  6. The exercise damages stuff... the resting fixes it stronger..resting or doing different exercise swim bike is better. And run walk until your up to distance as recommended is best.. walking till your nearly out of breath for a while too help build stamina. Good luck.. signing up for something was good idea too gives you a target.... and great for your mind too

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  7. You can go get fitted for a pair, they'll tell you what sort is best, then if you are tight, buy last years version online.

    Not good to support the shop though.
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  8. sounds like good advice... do I have to wait 2 years until I turn 40? ;)
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  9. Good for you Para.

    I've gone from never having ran as an adult in February this year to ha bing done 14 parkruns so far this year.

    I jumped straight in and did a 5k at my first attempt, (very slowly) but my feet were ruined for days and I could barely walk.

    Then I went and got some proper running shoes and it made a massive difference.

    A lot of people say how good the couch to 5k app is, there's often groups at my parkrun from local groups that have done it together.

    Stick with it and maybe build up the distance gradually? And do get rest days in too

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  10. Tuesday wildchild

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    Go to a proper runners shop they can measure/video you on a treadmill and advise on the correct running shoe, even proper off the shelf shoes can be wrong as everyone roles the feet at different angles. It help Mrs TW big time.
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  11. I'm running in a pair of running shoes from lidl at the moment.
    They seem to be ok and don't hurt my feet or knees.
    Maybe it's because I'm only ten stone.
    I can't afford to buy some expensive shoes at the moment so I'll stick with these and see how I get on as the distance increases.

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  12. Tuesday wildchild

    Tuesday wildchild I'm a circle!

    Yep mrs TW started with them then upgraded when the sales were on as the real jobs can be expensive.
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  13. I've just looked into the park runs and the closest one to me is a 50 mile round trip.
    The race I'm entering is only 4 miles away.
    I'll keep training on the local roads then nearer the time I'll start practicing on the route of the actual race.
    I don't have much free time to go off doing stuff on my own.
    So the idea of running was that I can squeeze it in I between other stuff in life.
    Ideally I'd like days to go of walking long distances but it's just not doable at this point in life.

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    It's a shame about the Parkrun, they have a nice vibe. I got cheap trainers that weren't to garish just in case I hated running and still wanted to get some use out of them. My only other purchase was a phone holder armband, it's nice to have some tunes when running on your own:thumbsup:
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  15. I've ordered one of those of eBay
    £3.75 posted and it has leds on it which will be helpful when running of an evening as the nights draw in.

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  16. i took the plunge, inspired by @paradox, and did 0.7 miles this morning to test out the scarred veins. Only out for 8 minutes but felt alright so am going to do 1.5 miles tomorrow and then rest until thursday.Take a look at https://therunningbug.co.uk - this has running plan for beginners and you can track your mileage etc by registering.
  17. Hate to say it but Sports Direct do some decent trainers for £40-£50, also TK Maxx tend to have some branded ones for about £30 -you can certainly tell the difference in weight, my current Adidas pair are like running with bricks on but until I can run 5k they will do.
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  18. just did the same at lunchtime :eek:) - Download a stopwatch onto your phone and sort put some upbeat music on it as well (ska doesnt work!!!!) - I don't use a gps app on my phone I use http://gb.mapometer.com/ on the lap top to plot a route beforehand or check the mileage afterwards. Need to lose a stone is the target
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  19. Good you have given up smoking. As said its about building up your stamina again by taking it slowly at first. You are doing a 5k fun run and as usual there will be others there who run often and fast, let them. its your fun run and its ok to run a bit, jog a bit, walk a bit. You don't have a target time so just enjoy it.

    In my younger days I did a few fun runs and starting off slow is best and try to keep a slow steady pace. If water is offered, you can stop to have a drink and then do some more. You don't have to try to drink on the move as the professionals do.

    Is it a charity fund raising event?
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  20. The funds raised go to the federation of three local schools to buy equipment and subsidise school trips etc.

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