57 Split,,,,,,, Never Finished !!!

Discussion in 'Restorations' started by PIE, Mar 9, 2015.

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  2. PIE


    Arn is the Yoda of metal!!!
  3. Got to hand it to Arnie, a real pro!!:chewie:
  4. looking really good fella!
  5. PIE


    Back on the saddle after a bit of a break

    Both sides done welding wise, back now looking good as well[​IMG]

    Time to move to the front, I have been looking foreword to this, front cleared out and floor removed


    Hinge screws seized so drilled and re-tapped


    No pattern to the spot welds holding the cab floor in, 12 one side 21 the other![​IMG]
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    Began filling the void at the front today, I had a prototype panel, the floor under the tool chest fromSchofields. Turned out that it was very much in the prototype stage and as the panel is not available anywhere else had to make a it from scratch. A big thank you to the bloke from Wolverhampton who let me have a good look around his 57 panel at the Diva Show at the weekend, though I nearly snapped his wiper arm with me hat peak!!!!!

    Panel marked out

    Swaged and cut out

    Fitted with new tool chest

    From below[​IMG]

    front looking a bit fuller![​IMG]

    Cab floor and dog legs on Wednesday!!
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  7. PIE


    Floor in today but no dog legs as the detail around the gear and handbrake leavers were difficult! A bit of fettling of the 59> floor needs a bit of modding
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  8. 72wilma

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    Nearly there:chewie:
  9. Looking amazing!
  10. You certainly put your back into the job, I see you even broke the end off your jemmy!!
    Keep up the excellent work:thumbsup:
  11. PIE


    Its been moddified !
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  12. So envious of your metal forming skills - brilliant.
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  13. PIE


    I have to say that me mate Arnie is the main man when it comes to metal forming, its his first crack at a VW van though he has done loads of vintage cars in the past, most people who work on them say they hate them, he is started to get a taste for them!!!
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    Do you think they will notice???[​IMG]

    Wheels needed to get her mobile now the underside is somewhere near[​IMG]

    That difficult detail sorted[​IMG]

    The early floors gear and brake leavers are much further back than the later floors, as you can see the pressings in the floor lean the levers away from each othe

    Work can start on the dog legs, beam removed for blasting.

    Door gap took loads of jiggery poker!!!
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    I have been busy start of this week as one of me dogs had pups, lucky for me Arnie had been busy on the van, reckoned he got more done without me there as he spent less time drinking coffee and talking bolx, I called in to pick up some parts for blasting and found that the dog legs were sorted, the door gaps looked lovely.
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  16. Just been reading your whole thread to catch up, looks great. These long days and light nights are brill for getting stuck into projects.
    You've been an inspiration.
    Keep up the good work, I can't wait for the next instalment....
  17. PIE


    Dog Legs now finished[​IMG]

    Cab looking good[​IMG]
    New Wolfberg West front giving the old one the eye!!

    Removing the lip around the front screen [​IMG][/URL[​IMG][/URL[​IMG][/URL[​IMG]
    Looks more like a van now[​IMG]

    Eye sockets in[​IMG]
  18. looking good, some great work as always :D
  19. Amazing thread! I'm so envious of your skills and speed.

    It's so neat and no doubt it will be a mint bus!
  20. :thumbsup:

    I'd totally missed this thread!! But you've got some good work going on there!!

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