57 Split,,,,,,, Never Finished !!!

Discussion in 'Restorations' started by PIE, Mar 9, 2015.

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  2. PIE


    No wonder the suspension seemed a bit soft
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  3. PIE


    Bit of a dilemma
    Original colour was Dove blue

    Im tempted though to go from another year correct colour, Palm over sand
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  4. PIE


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  5. Its a shame your so far away i would love to put some of my ocd into a build like this:)
    If theres anything i can do from a distance or in a short two days your end please give me a shout
  6. PIE


    Im hoping to have it in paint some time next month!!
  7. Whats your plans so far say it could be a show stopper if thats what you want?
    I need to make a picture cv of my work if im ever going to dip my toe in the pond of pro restos
    Your about 150 ish miles from me i think??????
  8. Flakey

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    Palm over Sand , there's plenty of Dove blue splitties around :thumbsup:
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  9. PIE


    Hope to get it the bulk of the welding done this month, any filling I hope to keep to a minimum and if any hope to do it with lead, sourcing the parts is difficult as lights are only 55-57 and some panels are unavailable, Was going to keep it stock, I was going to get it into primer or paint and sell it but I'm thinking of keeping it now so may go down the 12v route now
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  10. This is the gearbox for my van

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  11. PIE


    Im gathering a pile for the powder coater, took me an hour with gunk and the jet wash to clean up the front beam, oh and also a brush handle and lump hammer to clear the middle of the the top tube of what was left of the torsion leaves !!
  12. Nice one Pie, keep the pics coming!!

    Good luck, hope it goes smoothly :D
  13. Palm over sand looks awesome, have fun :)
  14. 72wilma

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    Ready for the bluebells?
  15. sANDYbAY

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    Palm over sand for me as well. Much more classy than a single colour.
  16. PIE


    I will be in the bay, a bit more room!
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  17. PIE


    Did a trolly dash around Schofields today, Rick there was brilliant!!!

    Removed the front panel, it had a big ding in it and the metal had streached, As I want to keep any filling down to a bare minimum if none!! decided to replace it!The acid and coating had done its job it looked like new in there.[​IMG][/URL[​IMG]
    New face ready to go on, none of them there indicators![​IMG]

    The illusive tool box, Rick had a new one in his stash[​IMG]

    Got her up on stilts![​IMG]
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  18. Well done with the dip and parts dash - I am also going to be watching the progress on this.
  19. PIE


    Progress this weekend
    New outriggers on drivers side,
    Inner sill
    Bit of damage in front of wheel arch replaced
    Spot welds marked ready for drilling then floor will be welded from outside to keep it neat

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