5 speed gear box ??

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  4. your right dude a tall 4th will give big ratio step and will never be as good as a 5spd

    true a 5 speed box (if correctly spaced ratios) can give good acceleration and a tall 5th for motorway cruising but will be quite a bit of work you could spend as much as a cheap late bay on a porsche box, adaptors, flywheel and if you were paying to have someone fit it for you :eek:
  7. Paul,,ore others that knows there way around gearboxes,, in Losen I got a standard 091, exept from the zf diff, thing is, I cross the finnnish line in 3. gear, would i benefit changing gear ratios so that I hit the finnish line in 4. gear ?
  10. I hit the rev limiter in 1.,2. and 3. @ 6500 rpm. engine pulls up to 5700, then power curve flats out.
  13. Hmm,,in mine there's approx 240-250 hp and 280nm.
    I thought a perfect set up, gear box vice, was emptying 4. gear just as I crossed the finish line.
    I've been thinking of letting Peter (cogbox) work his magic with it
  15. 14,6
  16. If I had a bus powered by a 160bhp 2.5 Scooby engine on a standard 091 box and running on 15'' wheels with 195/70/15 tyres do you have any idea how high the revs would be when motorway cruising at 80 mph?
  17. Here's an early article, about transplanting a Porsche 911, five-speed transaxle, into a 1968~79 VW Type 2:

    John McCollister, "Put a 5-speed in your Bus, It’s well worth the trouble", Dune Buggies & Hot VWs, November 1975, Pages 58~61





    To the best of my knowledge, there are torque-biasing differentials available, from two main sources, for the 1968~79 VW Type 2 and 1980~92 VW Type 25 transaxles.



    Quaife T2 LSD limited slip differential


    Peloquins LSD

    Peloquins Planetary Torsional differential for the 091 transaxle




    Peloquins planatery Torsional Differential for 091 VW transaxle - suggested price US$1175

    Part No. 091 498 006A

    Peloquin's Differentials
    500 Harve Mathis Road
    Athens, GA. 30601

    Phone: 706.613.5339
    Fax: 706.355.3942
    Email: peloquins@earthlink.net

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