5 speed gear box ??

Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by Diddymen, Nov 9, 2011.

  1. Diddymen

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    Just out of curiosity more than any thing,

    is it right that VW didnt make 5 speed gear boxes for the air cooled as the fan wouldnt fun fast enough for cooling at the higher speeds?

    if that is the case couldnt you add supplimentry cooling and run with a 5 speed box? is such a thing availiable?

    If you were going to fit a modern engine like a scooby lump or one of the diesel enges some people fit, can you get 5 speed gear boxes for them which you could use on a bus ??
  2. unfortunately cost is a big factor in 5 speed boxes... I'll be going down the porsche 911 (915) route when I can find one for the right money

    There are other options, but not many....
  3. davidoft

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    t25 has a 5 speed box, but its to long( i think ) to fit in bay, gear mechanism is different but that can be overcome by fitting a cable change
  4. There were overdrive kits available back in the day i was told

    But lets be honest a bus isnt the ideal motorway weapon

    My daily passat is an ideal motorway weapon but i rarely use the motorway so the fuel consumption sucks

    I actually think my bus may match the passat on the local roads
  5. 'Overdrive' now thats a blast from the past..

    Dads Triumph 2000 pi had that...
  6. Im a fan of overdrive
  7. the overdrive system is how the berg 5 speed boxes work
  9. my 091 box has an zf diff installed :)
  10. davidoft

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  11. Diddymen

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    thanks for the replies :D

    .....my MGB has overdrive :D when I do the resto on it I might go for a 5 speed box though ::)

  13. what was the box they fitted to the vw 914 ,sure it was a 5 speed and that had a type 4 engine , sure it was lighter but it would still be cooling less at speed ?
  15. porsche 911 (901) That I installed in a bus a while back!!



  16. Diddymen

    Diddymen Moderator

    Nicely done mate 8)

    bet all those parts cost a bit!
  18. Blimey Paul, you really know your stuff mate. Top talent.

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