FOR SALE 40.000 mile bay with full history!

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  1. To the person who asked if how do I know the mileage is correct. Fuel, service and mot history. The un worn cab area, the wear on the seats or lack of it! and owning over 100 cars in my driving years, well you sort of get a feeling. :)

    If the camper was white I would use it as one of my wedding cars and sell my westy, it's that good!!! Someone is going to get a nice van.

    I have had some flak, but we all know that this is not a bad bus! If anyone wants to see more pictures of any usual rot spots I will take the pictures and post them up for everyone to see. What I will do however is take the same picture of a uk bus of the same age that's in the work shop and you can make up your own mind!

    I don't mind a bit of banter. :)
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  2. It's still here. :)
  3. think flak was due to 20K price tag and panel van now it's a bit more sensibly priced at 16K

    I still think it should be nearer to 12K but if it was me selling then of course you want best price.

    Good luck with the sale and stick it back up to 20, I miss the banter.
  4. I think I'm going to rent it out now!!! It's just going to miss treated and thrashed! :-( unless someone wants to make me a good offer! I am still after a seven seater. ;-)
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    You couldn't pick a worse time to sell or rent it out.
    I'd store it until Easter if I was you and punt it on then.
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    just added up the parts bills for my van conversion camper, £13850 as it sits, still unfinished, no labour charge, but probably around 400 hours in it at least and its been welded from arse end to infinity ..( expertly I must add ;) ).

    A good solid van must be worth the asking price....regardless of the original body style, to a sane person that wants to use it now not in 2 or 3 years with an undetermined resto cost, this van must be worth the money, its basic arithmetic... :)
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  7. How about setting up a raffle for it on here!
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  8. I am in no rush to sell it and as I do more to it the price may go back up. ;-)
    I see loads of buses brought back from the dead, there is nothing wrong with them, they need to be saved!! This bus is something else. It never been welded! Its a Uk RHD, full history and only covered 40,000 miles from new!! It's paint is not 100% perfect but listen to this. There is a letter in the service history stating that the bloke will only buy it on condition the paint work on the OSR vent and doors are sorted. This letter was dated 1979! find one like this, it is worth top cash!! Maybe 20k was a lot but what will a van like this be worth in a few years time?
    A panel, camper, minibus, pick up or any other configuration with this history is gold.
  9. Worth 20k in my opinion when you look what Danbury are selling them at, And the history on the bus is Awesome! I think the fact its a panel van is irrelevant. Someone who appreciates its historic value will snap it up regardless.

    Our electrician sold a herbie bug to a guy who rolled it into a garage to be preserved, said it would never be drove again! He shown me a picture and there was a collection of different bugs and cars in there.
    It only takes one person like this!!
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  11. Look where its listed, But blimey that's a bus and a half again.
  12. At that price it would be but with 38 bids there are a few people biding there time. 1 day 3 hours to go so set to finish at midnight on a Tuesday in October and listed under "everything else - other" by a user with zero history. LoL. Either very clever con or real. Have to say I believe the spiel but he's had the local garage write it for him I think.
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  13. I would love to see this for real! Five pictures that you can't really zoom in on? And this is interesting. (A picture prior to restoration is in the photo) look at the the front arch. I am going to ask to see the floors. :)
  14. It will be interesting to see
    I will be interested in what it finally sells for, the old boy has owned it nearly as long as I've owned ours..............difference is, mine will not be for sale in my lifetime.
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  15. I think I have a sales brochure for one of these 21's ;-)
  16. They never got back tome with more photos or any info as it said in the add!?!

    "If you have any questions or require more photos please get in touch and I will provide them".

    I just hope someone's been lucky!
  17. Not been funny but when it rolled out of the factory it would have dropped apart without welding...:p
  18. You know you love it! ;-) lol
  19. I'm going to keep this camper now. :)
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  20. Halleluiah.....:D
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