FOR SALE 40.000 mile bay with full history!

Discussion in 'Late Bay Classifieds' started by Van Quish, Aug 18, 2013.

  1. Reduced to £12500

    This was meant to be a keeper! But I need a T 5 with more fitted seats if you know what I'm talking about. ;-)

    It is a 1977-78 Devon camper. It has only done 40.000 miles from new! Every time the chap filled up with fuel he recorded the mileage. All MOT's, tax disc and service records were kept! I have fitted new discs, pads, callipers, master cylinders, shoes and cylinders, window rubbers all round.
    It has never been used in the winter and has been wax oiled from new. The MOT inspector was blown away!! Talking about the MOT, it did fail on no wing mirrors or number plates, I took them off to fit new ones! Not bad for being sat for 13 years!
    Feel free to get inspected, I can put it up on a ramp so you can see for yourself how good it is.
    It has never had any body panels welded in and has 98% original paint. I'm not going to touch the paint work, I could get it painted but it would spoil it!!
    The sliding door is the best bit, I have never felt one that works so smooth!!!
    I would like £20,000 Ono I know this sounds a lot but a camper like this doesn't come along very often, if ever!
    It will be at bus fest if anyone wants to poke about. :)
    The only things that will be painted are the wheels and bumpers.
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  2. 20k good luck with that...:thumbsup:
  3. I have looked and I can't find nothing like this! Someone could buy a bay for 6k and spend another 6k on a resto and still have nothing like this. As I said 20k Ono is a lot but how many Uk, rot free, RHD, 40.000 mile with history bays are out there??

    It even has the bill of sale and the original radio.

    Two owners from new, the second owner has had it from four months old. :)
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  4. Its in really good nick it does look great for a UK bus, but it being a panel would bug me.
    Hope you get you're price
  5. Got to try, if I don't I don't. A bus like this is very unique, even if it is a panel!. :)

    The pictures are taken half way through the clean up. :)
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  6. Bump to the top. :)
  7. It's a bit (alright) expensive.

    Looks like your just trying your luck to see if there is a mug out there.

    It's only worth what people are willing to pay.

    Stick it on eBay with a reserve and then you'll find out its worth.
  8. davidoft

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    make sure you paint the wheel the correct silver (not white ) ;)

    nice bus, £20k is a lot but you want to see some of the junk banded around at 10-12k probably worth around that :)
  9. If people pay £28k for a Brazilian bay, then try and get a listing on their forums.

    Definitely worth it when put into context of the rust-before-your-very-eyes southamerican rubbish.
  10. What he said!
  11. I have been into Vw's for 25 + years. For a uk bus that has been kept outside for 36 years I'm surprised there's anything left! I have seen a lot of restored vans. Loads of filler just to get the long side straight.
    As I said 20k is a lot, but show me another!?!
    The wheels going on it are off my westy, with new chrome. :)
    Everyone knows what horrors these things can hide. I can't find any!
    It will be at Busfest if anyone wants to see why I'm asking 20k ono. :)
  12. Baysearcher

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    I think you'll struggle as its a panel conversion.
  13. 10 if your lucky...
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  14. 12 if it was tax exempt, maybe...
    Personaly, i wouldnt pay a lot for anything i had to pay for to just drive.i.e road tax.
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    This^^^^ Im not trying to put your fire out coz it's a nice bus but your show me another quote leads me to think you don't know as much as you think, As said it's a panel so you lose marks there and I know of at least two Uk buses near me that have never been welded, never had new panels and look better that yours that arn't ex panels, both fully blown uk devons that have got nice interiors and good engines, neither are worth £20k
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  17. And I have seen one of these 28k vans!!! I will stick with the old ones any day!
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    Woodylubber Obsessive compulsive name changer

    We all like the old one's that's why we're on here :confused:
  19. Well if you don't want this one I have a rot free 1969 Bay for about £10.000. Spent its life in Arizona. 12 months MOT and tax.
    It's the one in my profile pic. :)
  20. I think the point has been lost!?

    Mines near one owner from new.
    Full service history.
    Never been restored.
    Full fuel, mileage notes that confirm miles..
    All old MOT's That confirm miles..
    All old tax discs.
    40.000 miles from new!
    Uk RHD
    2.0 ltr
    98% original paint that still shines!

    I don't want to sell this, if it doesn't sell so be it!

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