FOR SALE 40.000 mile bay with full history!

Discussion in 'Late Bay Classifieds' started by Van Quish, Aug 18, 2013.

  1. May take a PX with cash my way on either van?
  2. I read some of it awhile ago and then page 7 just now, i'm not sure if i can be bothered to read all pages for a van i have no intention of buying. I love my current van and you can only drive one at a time.................although i could always 'invest' £16,000 in it and put it in an airtight unit, in 5-10 years time it will probably be worth about £100k.

    Oh no i've just seen it is a panel van. I'm out!
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  3. Silver

    Silver Needs points/will pay!

    I'm interested in a straight swap...if I can keep my engine and interior and swap these into your bus:thumbsup:
  4. Excellent I'll swap you my van which had a full resto 10 yrs ago, it has a massive engine, new gearbox and isn't original, but i can look at the stars at night.

    Bring your van plus £250,000 to Yorkshire by the end of the week and we can do a PX

    I've turned down an offer of £250,000 in the past so i know my van is worth at least this plus your van. As far as i know my van has never been a panel van or ever been in a hedge
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  5. I've enjoyed reading this thread and the opinions, obviously my post above is taking the yellow snow, as I wouldn't sell my van for £250,000!

    Seriously though a van is worth what someone is prepared to pay. It is very easy to buy a van and end up spending well over £16,000 on it. If someone wants a van for life and likes the colour and style of yours then it may actually work out a good deal for them.

    I'm speaking with knowledge as I bought my van 16 years ago (2k). It was solid so i decided to get it restored (xxk), by people who know what they are doing & then keep the van for the rest of my life. My van was restored 10 years ago, it cost far more than it will ever be worth, but I don't regret it for one second. I spent shed loads when van prices were a hell of a lot less than they are now, i'm sure some friends thought i was mad. The first night i slept in it after the resto was my most expensive night's accommodation ever. Cost per night keeps going down :) & how much i've spent in relation to how much the van is now worth has also improved!

    So someone may pay £16k for your van and end up saving themselves money, but i doubt they will be on this forum. It is probably quite a small % of the market who have £16k budget for a 1970's camper.

    Good luck with the sale and i hope the thread lengths helps!
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  6. There may be a smaller market but I see first hand how much people spend ot on full restorations!
  7. Not bad paint for a 35 year old bus.
  8. PSG


    cant believe bods havent dealt with this thread yet. shame on you.
  9. rickyrooo1

    rickyrooo1 Hanging round like a bad smell

    in fairness, the seller has aked the mods to leave it as it is.
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  10. This is why.
  11. There is a few negative comments, I'm yet to see a better unrestored example with this history and mileage for this kind of cash! Sure they are out there but where and how much are they, panal or no panal. ;-)
  12. kev


    here is my converted panel van window looks flush to me ;)
    and the other side is the same

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  13. Out of interest, how do you know its only done 40k miles?

    My speedo says 26k and only goes up to 99,999 - therefore assuming mines done 26k + 3-8 multiples of 99,999..
  14. Previous mots?
  15. You door(s) have been changed to microbus ones. ;)
  16. Gota say van Quish has weathered the storm:theforce: well done mate...:thumbsup:

    think he is winking zed....;)
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  17. Woodylubber

    Woodylubber Obsessive compulsive name changer

    Iv'e gotta agree with this, van quish has taken the flak in this thread and come through it with good humour, great stuff :thumbsup:
  18. kev


    hahahah theres no fooling you zed
    but at a cost i didnt realise normal doors would fit so i spent a fortune on panel van doors to convert
    {im sorry to say before i realised it i had cut holes in the doors} im truly sorry for what i did
    i wasnt a member of this site when i started
    my only argument is i repaired the doors and pasted them on at a fraction of the cost i paid

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