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  1. Last 15 minutes!

    No bids...
  2. Looks like you might need to find some renewed enthusiasm for her. Or spend some time making her a little more mainstream.

    Some clear photos for the chassis etc showing that she's solid ( hopefully) might help.

    I've been shocked at some of the prices really tidy Westy's have been fetching - perhaps the time of year isn't helping?
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  3. Yeah, this is my last attempt this year. I'll try again in spring. Unless anybody wants it in the mean time. You're possibly right, some under shots might help.
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    Might be worth a trip to Dubfreeze in February - there's a fair bit of Ratty stuff there and a good number of vans for sale.
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  5. It's an idea but I'm seeing Trivium in Nottingham on the 18th, not sure I'll be in a fit state.
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  6. We could have called this thread eBay jokers. I have my car on eBay at the moment and someone has pressed buy it now. Of course after that I got the email starting to chip the price. I have said not interesting in negotiating and I will cancel the sale. Now had another message saying they will call me in the morning, will be interested to see what happens, whatever I don't want them to think they can come round and start chipping the price further.

    Is it always like this on eBay ?
  7. yes...:D
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  8. Suppose that is why I take somethings to the tip or give them away, to save the hassle.
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  10. I always sell cars on a classified ad via ebay. None of this bidding nonsense just interested people who contact you with hard cash if interested. Saves alot of messing about.
  11. IMHO I wouldn't be spending any more money on it. I doubt you would get the extra money back.

    May be worth you trying a real live auction place. If its sold, you will get your money without hassle.
  12. I'm getting loads of offers for £4k. Maybe if I started at £6k I'd get the 5 I want.

    I'm trying to not spend money on it now, but you know how these things go.
  13. I still got silly offers and the person who bought it then wanted to negotiate when they came to pick it up.
  14. Yes
  15. It's amazing how many folk have got in touch after the advert ended.

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