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  1. This is Libby! A 1975 TAX FREE rat look rag top camper with 12 months MOT (14th October).

    She won an award at 2011 bus-freeze for best rat! She has a fresh re-built 1776 (1.8) engine with Phat Boy exhaust, has just over 1000 miles on it. The gear box seems to have a small oil leak causing a slight clutch judder in first gear. Doesn't do it in second, third and fourth gear and has never bothered me.

    No idea how many miles are on the van itself due to the change in clocks. New fully opening dark red rag top! You can literally sleep under the stars, but in a bed. Porsche rep Fuchs alloy wheels. Fat tyre on the back, skinny tyre on the front for the rat-rod look! It's also lowered, but not a great deal. The rust look was achieved by the last owner, it was done by stripping the paint, covering in vinegar and left for two weeks then clear coated. I clear coat it before every winter, two 500 ml cans from Halfords covers it. The front, back and roof are painted red oxide. HOODRIDE graffiti on sliding door.

    There is corrosion underneath but the MOT fails have been repaired professionally. prototype ratty bumpers due to an old repair been done with an early front, I bought it with no bumpers and added them myself. Rear bumper has a bottle opener and iron cross bolted on. The front of the roof has some odd bumps on it, looks like a repair of sorts. Full width rock and roll bed. Ratty interior with cupboard with bottle opener, for gas cylinder (included) and cooker (the cooker has a broken hob knob, still has one job and grill, could be fixed?) drift wood dashboard and bed end, coffee sack Lined inside that has been fire proofed, bamboo lined doors and roof areas, lino floor, ammo bag iPod holder, VW figure, skateboard wheel window winders, homemade thick curtains, Saab (we think) leather seats with fully working electrics, Mooneys gear nob and accelerator pedal, gear stick extender, iron cross clutch and brake pedal, uprated accelerator link, small hot/cold electric fan, tankard and tea tin dash storage, loud air horn, Beetle speedometer, fuel tank gauge is iffy, i fill up after 200 miles or so, many amusing stickers. leisure battery with spare dashboard switches, four port 12 volt fag lighter style sockets. Oil temp and pressure gauges. In cab fire extinguisher. Sony head unit and 6 x 9 speakers. A box full of stuff like spares and an EMPI breather kit (costing £30) I've not gotten round to fitting, with it being bored out to 1776 the extra pressure can push oil out of the seals, not seen any yet hence it's not fitted.

    Comes with a big blue awning that separate living area and bedroom. No instructions for erection, but me and the wife worked it out with no problem. Just MOT'd so it's good to go for all of next years season. You've then got all winter to make it yours, it'll not take much to make it a blank canvas and really make it yours.

    Did I mention its TAX FREE! There is a lot to this van, I've tried to be as open and honest as I can. Cash on collection. In a world of over priced bog standard bays it's priced to sell. I have a baby girl now and she is my priority now, the van has to go. Van is in Lincoln. £8000 ono.


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  3. [​IMG]
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  4. Play nicely chaps..... it's definitely a niche market van but essentially he's a just a guy who's done nothing more than try to sell a van......

    ( It's "You're" a bit of a dick Buddy ) :p
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    I have had a tidy. best of luck with the sale dude.
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  6. She won an award at 2011 bus-freeze for best rat!

    It's a small world - my bus got second prize in the rat section! I've still got the 'trophy'. Looks great, good luck.
  7. Seems like a fair price to me. Some people would give it a cute name and try to get double. Good luck.
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  8. I remember!

    Wasn't much competition, a lot of bus' didn't make due to an accident on the roads.
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  9. It is on EBay starting at £6000, I have a bit already and it may make more, a possible cheaper price is possible!
    Make me an offer and I'll end it early!
  10. Its an interesting van with lots of personal touches. I like the honesty in the ad wording about the body condition. Its had a colourful mot history but as you say, when faults have caused a fail, you have got them sorted to achieve an mot pass.

    We see other similar vans out there, so there is a following and someone will love it and go for it. Price? well anybody's guess I suppose. Too high may turn folks off, too low and they may think its only for restoration. I think somewhere between 6 and 12 would imho be about right, but who knows.
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  11. A question that this throws up for me.....are front indicators a MOT optional thing i.e if fitted must work or have the headlights been modified to contain a indicator function ?
  12. Looks like there's led on the bumper. But this is just a guess
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  13. I think it's mega
    Good luck with the sale
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  14. The front bumper has mk1/2 golf side indicators on it. Pass' MOT with no bother. Previous owner smoothed the front end, I personally wouldn't have done it.
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  15. I love it.
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  16. eBay ends at 18:28 tonight!
    Make an offer and I'll end it.

    Just saying.
  17. Sold to Grant from Glasgow, anyone on here?
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    Nice one :). I did a search on EBay to look if you'd got bidders yday in a stalky manner!
  19. Bargain
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