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  1. Buyer pulled out!

    £6000! Take it!
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    What excellent excuse did they come up with?
  3. ebay is populated by bottom feeders
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  4. Buying for their dad who is now in hospital!
  5. I'll stick it back on later.
  6. Baysearcher

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    As excuses go they haven't put a lot of thought into that one!
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  7. Just over a day to go, grab a bargain!
  8. Hopefully this time I will all work out,

    not wrong about Ebay last night my 'auction' for my rowing machine ended. Despite clearly stating it was collection (and mostly cash on collection) the buyers first communication wanted me to provide contact details ... I didn't provide and then they wanted me to deliver to an industrial estate 20 miles away and pay only by PayPal ... when I said no and no they said I was most uncooperative! I've just checked and apparently they are based in Bulgaria ... seems they sell loads of cheap tat through Ebay. I had loads of bids does anyone know how long it is before I can offer a 'second chance offer' without falling foul of Ebay rules
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    Right away.
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  10. Thanks eBay is such a minefield ... mind if they banned me it wouldn't concern me too much. Lets see what the next joker says
  11. Get a message from winner saying they can not collect and reply saying ok I will pass onto the next highest bidder. Job jobbed.

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  12. 2nd eBay winner to pull out after the auction. I've now reported them both.
  13. £5000!

    It's yours.
  14. Why do people think it's ok to bid on something even tho thy have no intention of actually buying it
    Complete morons
    £5000 is a bargain glws
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  15. It would appear pretty normal for Ebay. Following from my highest Bulgarian bidder wanting me to deliver as opposed to a local collection and then going silent I did a second chance offer, they came back £40 less than they had bid 15 hours before ... wouldn't budge so I said get stuffed and re-listed, this time I used a buy it now and seems someone has bought it but it seems the guy can't pick up until Christmas wtf .

    I did report the Bulgarian.
  16. I just listed 10 things. 2 didn't pay.
    One guy did a buy it now , so he must have been sat at his computer or on his phone. He went silent, not replying to the 2 invoices and the non payment case I opened. So 8 days later I relisted the item (a coat) and within 10 minutes he emailed me saying that he had bid and won it and I had no right to relist it as it was'nt mine to sell! I told him politely to go forth and multiply by himself.
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  17. I'm going to use that!

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