FOR SALE 1973 RHD Westfalia Continental

Discussion in 'Late Bay Classifieds' started by Zebedee, May 31, 2019.

  1. Well done it took you to your dead line but someone’s got a good buy :thumbsup:
  2. Don't loose my drive space until nearly the end of september now as production shortage at Toyota means we've got a few weeks more to wait. Demand outstripping supply or something. :rolleyes:
    Atleast theres now a flat space if i need to work on my caravelle. Used to be irritating having to move the camper every time.
  3. End of an era for you and the beginning of a new one for the new owners.
  4. That seems a very reasonable price when you look at some of the jokers on ebay.
  5. If it was for sale in Essex it would probably have gone for about £2k more. Theres not many buyers up here in the north west.
  6. New owner has an Austin A30. Sounds like its gonna get the love it deserves though.
    Just transfered my insurance across to the beetle.
    It was quite a funny conversation.
    JK-"When did you purchase the vehicle."
    JK-"Oh, i don't suppose you can remember the date?"
    Me-"Erm....September i think :thinking:"
    JK-"That'll do." :lol:
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