FOR SALE 1973 RHD Westfalia Continental

Discussion in 'Late Bay Classifieds' started by Zebedee, May 31, 2019.

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    People are ignorant muppets.

    I really like the layout. Good luck with the sale
  2. We like it and at 6k it would be a good price, but we are not the market place which seems very quiet and full of chancers and time wasters. I would park it on the street and wait for the right buyer to come along. Dismantling the van for parts would probably get the money you want, but as I see it, it would be a lot of time and effort and once you start there would be no turning back.
  3. It’s a good bus and cared for by someone who knows his onions can’t believe it’s not gone . I think parking in strategic places could come up trumps , good luck mate ,plenty of dreamer tyre kickers out there but someone will get a bargain if they know there buses :thumbsup:
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  4. I loose the space on the drive in a few weeks time so it'll be sat on the road. Means i'll need to change my insurance as the current policy won't insure it if its at the home address and not on the drive. :(
  5. Stick some plastic flower tat in the front window.

    In the advert put some pictures of you enjoying great holidays.

    I like the honest advert, but sell the 'dream'
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  6. I think people see it needing a fair bit of work , like roof canvas etc and most peeps are wanting nice ready to go and not fixeruppers .

    6k is still a lot of money to spend on a recreational vehicle in the current economic climate

    I don’t think you will get that breaking it and your only option is to keep lowering price

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  7. Most people seem to want to spend about £3k and not have any welding to do.
    A mate recently sold a solid empty US import rolling westy hardtop shell for £1200 and the seller still complained it was going to need paint. :rolleyes: He made a 2 grand loss on that one in 3 months. He's started importing MGB roadsters instead as he can make a profit on each one.
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    Looks like now's the time to buy! I was very tempted by a pretty solid early shell that Simon at NOSVW had going for 3K. The amount of welding it needed doing compared to our RHD van was laughable.
  9. Definately the time to buy. Prices haven't been lower in years.
  10. The school holidays is by far the worst time to sell any vehicle.
  11. I advertised it in May on here and earlier on Facebook though.

    Got 2 people coming to see it this week. One tomorrow and another on sunday. Whats the bet neither turn up and stop replying to texts and messages like the last few?
  12. This is a great bus for the money. I would agree it's a bargain! Chassis looks nice to me too. Gumtree is worth a punt.
  13. Tried gumtree a few months ago and just ended up with muppets or drunk calls at 2 or 3am in the morning. :(
  14. Have you tried market place ? Car and classic ?
  15. Its on both. Most of the people who have seen it on C and C are from way way down south and won't travel up here.
    Facebook market place seems to get the most interest. Shared on most VW pages on facebook too but theres no much posted up it disappears down the page within hours.
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  16. SOLD. Feels a bit weird seeing an empty space on the drive after 18 years.
    2019-08-18 16.00.27.jpg
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  17. Finally. That was getting a bit silly.

    It’s not an empty space. It’s a space waiting for the next project
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  18. Are you ok to share the sale price?
  19. Went for £5500.
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