FOR SALE 1973 RHD Westfalia Continental

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  1. £7500 but open to sensible offers. Located in Maryport on West Coast of Cumbria.
    Stock 1600 twin port with stainless stock style exhaust. 108k miles on the clock though the original engine was changed at about 80k.
    Kunifer brakelines.
    Bodywork could do with some work, especially the front panel, front arches and lower sliding door. She's been brush painted with coach paint.
    Chassis could do with some TLC but she's passed every MOT since we've owned her though.
    MOT until end April 2020.

    Original Westfalia continental interior (UK Helsinki) with full width rock n roll bed, 2 way gas/12v fridge, sink/hob etc.
    ZIG CF8 240v system.
    Eberspacher B1L petrol heater (which could do with a service as it won't fire up at the moment).

    Front hinging elevating roof for extra (over 6ft) of headroom when camping. Canvas could probably do with replacement as i believe its the original from 1973. No bed in the roof anymore though they are still available new.
    Solar panel on roof rack, split charge relay and leisure battery (though leisure battery is likely past its best now).
    Mazda MX5 front seats with 160W headrest speakers.
    Westfalia style towbar and wiring.

    Comes with an old 1960s/70s canvas Raleigh frame awning.
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  3. Price drop to £7500
  4. I know West Cumbria is miles from everywhere (as i've been told so so many times :rolleyes:) so £6k.
    I'll chop it up for parts if it doesn't sell by Christmas as i need the space.
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  5. Terrordales

    Terrordales Nightshift Admin

    My Cumbrian mate keeps telling me it's Gods country, but he lives in Australia.
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  6. Bargain at £6k Martin
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  7. Will be at Tatton on the 4th if anyone fancies a look.
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  8. Still here. Couple more people asking whats the least possible price i'll accept but nothing else. :(
    Its got until the middle of september before it gets parked on the street outside the house as i need the drive space.
  9. I agree, bargain at £6k. Maybe try ebay?
  10. Got a couple of people expressing interest. Just waiting for dry weather forcast before they come and see it.

    It only reached £1300 on ebay when it was on there last.
  11. I’ve only ever sold high value items using the classified ads on eBay rather than an auction. Could be worth a try if your other interest doesn’t pan out?

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  12. Seems interest is picking up. Had half a dozen over the past few days asking about it.
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  13. Fingers crossed for you mate
  14. Got someone coming in about an hour to view it. 4 hour drive for them.
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  15. Moons

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    So they have a van already and live nearby :)
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  16. No show again. Thats a couple who have never turned up now.
  18. Missed having a family dinner with extended family we haven't seen in years too. :mad:
  19. Apparently (according to one person on facebook) its fit for scrap only and is worth a grand tops. o_O
    Thats the maximum he's ever bought a bay for and they were all MOTd and needed virtually no welding. :lol:
  20. I think it’s safe to say that dudes full of marmite!
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