FOR SALE 1972 type4 engine

Discussion in 'Late Bay Classifieds' started by Madness, Sep 3, 2013.

  1. best guess so far...
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  2. ill av it if its a lawn mower :eek:
  3. Defo a type 4, I've seen the pics. Pulled my back and on medicinal Guinness so wind it in lol! @Razzyh and @Silver!! Hehe
  4. Lol I have pics but not sure how to put up.....and no that's not my pic up here.....I need to check engine number....the reason why the change is my better half is treating me to a recon 1600 so we can do a bit of touring next year,don't no history of this engine plus it's a bit juicy hope this explains :))
  5. bless er wish i ad one like that:oops:
  6. They're thirsty regardless of the engine size...

    And going to a type 1 from a type 4 is like going back to the dark ages :lol:
  7. She don't wana push it lol :)
  8. This^

    If the engine is good, sort out the issues that concern you rather than buy another. Spend her cash wisely for her!!

    Has it been serviced by a pro? Jetted? Rolling roaded etc? I ask as the first bit of advice I got on my US engine was get it rolling roaded, the difference after was huge.

    I still was unsure, so after a couple of years I had it pro rebuilt, 5 yrs and 5K'ish Miles later, it's just had its 1st issue, sorted for less than a tenner!
  9. To late deposit on new lump already lol delivered 17th sep
  10. you must be mad.
  11. you knows it
  12. you have bought your recon engine from a sound trusted and reputable source haven't you, as a complete, all tins included turnkey?
  13. Lol ye it's all good have every thing apart from the 2 main big tins .....big money on hem tho
  14. they'll cost you more than you're selling your old engine for!!

    Looks like you were given first shout in the queue at the top of the tree for usernames, then hit every branch on the way down


  15. PMSL rereading that
  16. Iv put the feelers out a few guys I no so fingers crossed
  17. Joker ....your not replying in a 'for sale' thread are you after all you said about people commenting /giving opinions in 'for sale' threads . ??

    :D Sorry couldn't resist
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  18. i'm not slagging off the price he's selling it for as its none of my business... and I quote "Any banter regarding how these items are priced..."
  19. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

  20. bay searcher is selling his tins, look pretty good nick. A quick blast and powdercoat and they'll outlive the van
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