FOR SALE 1972 type4 engine

Discussion in 'Late Bay Classifieds' started by Madness, Sep 3, 2013.

  1. @Madness, I take it there's no under tins on the 2 ltr you have for sale? Still waiting for pics of underneath unless that's what you've posted above :)
  2. @Madness - like the avatar, cant make it out on here - thrupeny bit LI or SX?
  3. Do you know what
    I've just clicked!!!! Apologies!!! Too much going on!! Lol
  4. Sorry @Lee C
    Paul weeding is your man! Lol
  5. What exhaust do you have on your engine?? Is it a US spec engine?
  7. Lardy .....lost now ....don't no if its a 2L ??? have to check engine number tomorrow and I get pics of underneath tomorrow as well cheers
  8. @Madness, I'm back in the room lol!
  9. Cheap as chips!!!
  10. Yes it's a us spec engine
  11. I see now the headers are running forwards - different covers???
  12. Is it really!
  13. Ok, it's a type 4 from the pics so probably is but get the engine number and we can check details :)
  14. I thought the pics were from someone elses (Lee C) engine?
  15. isnt that a pic of silvers engine?
  16. Oops I may have confused matters somewhat??
    Is it best I start my own wanted thread?

    Mr Madness, can I ask why your down grading :Dfrom a type 4 to a type 2 motor??
  17. Silver

    Silver Needs points/will pay!

    Put some pics up @Madness, is it a lawnmower engine or a real one?
  18. if its from a 72/73 bus its a 1700, assuming its the original engine. Being a US bus it probably has its original engine.
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  19. I didn't think the OP posted any pic's of the engine.

    @Lardy what you on, have you just finished a long day in the 'office' :)
  20. If you're not sure whether its a type 4 or other... Whats the top look like? Big empty space? Or full of alternator, oil filler and huge dinosaur-type fin? (thats what mini-me describes his Ma's beetle engine as having) Or an empty void with alterantor next to fan rather than above...

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