FOR SALE 1972 Devon, needs work

Discussion in 'Late Bay Classifieds' started by Soggz, May 28, 2019.

  1. But if someone doesn’t have the right tools and know how, you’ve got to put 10k in to it to make it an 18k van. . .

    I’d edit out all the random price’s and just put the one you actually want.
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  2. A ‘current’ agreed value of 18k?......reach for the matches!
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  3. Or eBay it....
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  4. JamesLey

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    Have you got it on Facebook marketplace too? See quite a few projects on there.

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  5. Yes
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  6. You need to have a look at what the current market is doing . Even before covid19 the prices were a fraction of what they were a few years ago . If you want to sell it the agreed value means nothing . How much MOT is left ? It’s going to need a fair bit of work plus paint
  7. Glws... what’s that mean?
  8. Good Luck With Sale :thumbsup:
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  9. No mot.Dosnt need it.
  10. With no independent roadworthiness assessment what are your potential buyers going to think?
  11. If i was buying anything i would want a full years MOT regardless of if it needs or requires it …

    It will give the buyer some sense of security knowing its at least road worthy ,
  12. True. I am slowly trying to tidy it a bit.
  13. Ok. Not for sale now. I’ve had second thoughts.
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  14. I'll give you £17,999 cash :thumbsup:
  15. O it's no longer for sale, forget that then:thumbsup:
    I told my wife I was going down to Somerset to buy a camper, she was very disappointed when I told her it's no longer for sale:p
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  16. Probably the best decision to make, not much moving at the moment for obvious reasons, I'd imagine you have to virtually give away a project.

    Mine are currently being used as a shed and as a home office to take Skype work meetings.
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  17. I’m glad you haven’t sold it. You know you’d regret it and if you do the work yourself, once it’s finished I think you’ll love it even more.

    also I don’t know how you sleep at night selling that to some unsuspecting punter. :D
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  18. Not a problem. Father was a scrap dealer, in the 70’s.
  19. Which one?
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