FOR SALE 1972 Devon, needs work

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  1. for sale, my van. Great buy mechanically, but needs welding. Engines only on 4,600 miles since full top end rebuild, loads of new parts... but needs welding underneath and on some panels. Needs new front, ideally. Good project for someone. Good offers around 10k. Edited. Price went up, as agreed valuation is £18,000. Still a good buy.
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    Photos please
  3. Sills and jacking point areas are all fine, as is front floor and firewall base under folding bed. Suspension points are ok too. Not much work would be required, but welding experience would be an advantage. To get this thing looking great, it would probably cost someone who knew what they were doing with all the kit around 2k,probably less. I just need it out of the way.
  4. How does the agreed valuation change the price?
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  5. If you need it out of the way, auction it on ebay with no reserve.
  6. Got to be honest ... seems a high price for the condition and comparing against other buses for sale on this site right now.

    I gave a similar price for ours.
  7. Ok, £10,000.Needs to be gone.
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  8. Still £8000
  9. reducing the price won't make much difference.

    Write an advert that says something about the van and the work that has been done on it.

    This is meant as constructive feedback - please take it as that, not criticism
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  10. Bear in mind that most folks on here know these vans and already have a bay. I still think you should widen your market and put it up on ebay , maybe with a modest reserve. You would sell quickly which is what I thought you wanted. Have a good look at ebay asking prices and sold prices for similar condition vans to yours. Sooner or later you would have to be realistic to make a sale. Again this is meant to be constructive and helpful and not criticism.
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  11. Ok, thank you.
  12. Still for sale. Nice winter project...
  13. Ok, still for sale. Loads of work has been done on it, over 5k of receipts, ‘birth certificate’ from Wolfsburg, kyham awning, all camping kit, way too many new spares to list, ie, new drums, brakes, Goodrich hoses, spare exhausts, all sorts (not liquorice),
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  14. Blah,Blah,Blah..
  15. is it still for sale.
  16. Sorry, pre occupied with wife getting better after a major operation.
    Yes. Still for sale.

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