FOR SALE 1972 Devon, needs work

Discussion in 'Late Bay Classifieds' started by Soggz, May 28, 2019.

  1. So
    Sorry, been busy. Yes,still for sale.
  2. Ebay prices can't be used anymore justifying value/prices of these sort of classics or for any classic for that matter as I would say at least 10% if not more are fraudulent. I found this out when I was looking to but one. I have seen alot of fakes out there especially when values are on the up
  3. Yes sadly ebay has its share of fraudsters and chancers. I wouldn't sell a vehicle on ebay as these fraudsters would visit my home and I don't trust strangers that much. Sold prices for anything are what the buyer is prepared to pay.
  4. Yeah. eBay is Marmitee, but it’s still for sale.
  5. Your wife all fine now? :)
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  6. No, but getting there, thanks for asking.
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  7. Still for saaaale........
  8. At what price I’m a little confused £10k, £18k or is it £8k?

    Here’s a free bump anyway as I’m not interested.
  9. Thanks. I’m open to offers, but it needs to be viewed.
  10. I would put on more pics of the rest of the chassis if it's alright ...that pic of the rear of the chassis is a bit alarm bellsfor the rest of it .
    I would get that bit welded up before any one takes a look.
  11. Yeah, I’m starting to think the same. I may spend a bit of time on it in the near future, just been to flat out.
  12. Good thing is your honest on how it is. good luck.
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  13. No point is bull s hitting. It is what it is. Started first time today,goes well too. It’s just got ratty.
  14. Offers?
  15. Sfs 10k
  16. Back up to 10? I have a feeling the (absolutely understandable) confusion in the ad is affecting the sale. There's no reason why this bus won't sell to the right person at the right price, they just haven't been found yet. Good luck and best wishes to your wife.
  17. Put it like this. To the right person with the right tools and know how, it’s easily worth the agreed valuation, +.And thanks.
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  18. And, apparently, it’s one of the first original ‘late’ bays, if that counts for anything, with all the right paperwork from Wolfsburg,etc.

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