‘75 RS2000

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  1. Ha - it wasn't supposed to be - Alex may think I'm always banging on about her height, but as mentioned above, the reason I'm not a huge capri fan (although I would take an RS31000 if someone forced me) is that I think they are too long for me. I prefer smaller cars that I can throw around.
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  2. Yeah, got to agree with you there! Having taken the Bay out yesterday I remembered that isn't exactly chuck-able, either :rolleyes:
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  3. in Modena green obviously

    outside CollyP towers! :)
  4. They are superb looking Capri's, the Mk1's look nice.

    I would, however, prefer the MkIII Zakspeed RS with the wide arches..

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  5. Capris - a perfectly scaled down American style car, they are not far away, they are tiny. :)
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  6. Merlin Cat

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    I scoff at being able to see over the bonnet! :D
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