‘75 RS2000

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  1. Spose I’d better start a ‘proper’ thread.
    Here is the old girl at her temporary home.


    Along with a ‘helpful’ message from my cousin.
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  2. About ruddy time :)

    But, just one picture, you can do better :D

    Seriously, looking forward to seeing progress!
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    There’s a small bit of trim missing above the front wheel ;)
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  4. :rolleyes: https://flic.kr/s/aHsmRRNdw2
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  6. Mine had a vinyl roof. Some mate of a mate of a mate said it had been rolled and they had seen it on its roof.
    Vinyl roof removed. Utter rubbish. Smooth as ever.
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  7. It's going to look great when you have done it .
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    urban legend innit, apparently one can roll a car and only damage the roof , the roof is easy to fix , everything else that got splatted on the way over would be more difficult
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  9. All the gaps were sound. FAKE NEWS!! :)
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  10. :)
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  11. I don’t know how to respond to so much BS

    I’ll start with your picture being of a mk2 and continue with the fact that it names a gazillion rally champions who drove them.
    Anyhoo, mine is a road car, not a rally car.
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    must have rolled a few on the production line as you can have a vinyl roof new :D
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  13. what's a vinyl roof?......am i missing something?.......must be an age thing:)
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  14. Look at the left hand side of the photo. You can just see a vinyl covering. Look at the link - there are more examples there.
  15. We parted company when I rolled this one into a tree. Mind you the shell was a bit bent after this landing... Happy days!
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  16. [
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  17. Thanks for your valuable contribution to my thread.
  18. Oh i remember now.......my Dad had one on his Hilman Hunter GLS. it also had something called an 8 track?

    I remember the 1728 holbay engine, twin webers, the rust and the black roof that hid it. And of course the Shirley Bassey cassette. Childhood memories, tiptop!
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  19. Can I politely request that you you stop posting on this thread. You keep editing your response and it looks embarrassing.
    This is about my car, my bit on the side, as per the forum sub thread.
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