‘75 RS2000

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  1. davidoft

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    i thought a little more perhaps, where’s good to sell them ?
  2. Depends. Wing or door mirrors?
  3. davidoft

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    wing mirrors , they’re the best ;)
  4. Hmmmm. Not for me I don’t think.
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  5. davidoft

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    you don’t know what your missing x , where’s a good place to sell them ?
  6. Like these beauties?
    Thats me in about 1980.:lol:
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  7. davidoft

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    Yeah just like those , you look much younger there
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    Actually I owned a black XR3i which was great until Vw brought out the Golf GTi which done my escort every time :oops:
  9. [​IMG]
    My first car

    The previous owner had shares in 2pack filler

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  10. I would have had that blue escort as my first car but dad scrapped it just before my 17th birthday in 1993 as the rear spring hangers rotted off and dropped the rear axle on the floor one night on his way back from work. :(
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  11. You just reminded me of all the horrors

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  12. Honestly don’t know.
    Have been a member of RS owners club and became a member of AVO owners club and both forums want money to upgrade from the off. General chat is completely dead in both.
  13. RSOC used to be good back in the day. Then it stopped working and just forwarded to another forum iirc
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