£3000 to spend on your camper now!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Barneyrubble, Jan 1, 2016.

  1. I need to save some pennies mate, the interior on Major needs reupholstering too - along with more hours in the day!!
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  2. I need the gutters sorting on my van, the state they're in 3 grand might cover it lol
  3. Is that going to be your next engine?:)
    The really easy one is 96mm x 78mm - 2258cc or choose the components carefully and 96mm x 80mm - 2316cc.:thumbsup:
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  4. Would have to go towards a respray ,the yellow isn't my favourite

  5. Some genuine Westfalia curtain tie's and if there's any money left a tank of petrol.:)
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  6. I suppose I've done the cheap one TBH, std crank, cam, followers, reworked 1700 heads - just B&P's, conrods and machining. Like a T4 version of a mild 1776 T1 really. :)
    Bigger = crank = more expensive.
    This is lovely to drive about with it's good spread of power. It runs out of puff at about 4500-4800, but as it still goes in 4th from 35mph upwards it just doesn't matter. I think I'll just keep this and go camping now, it's just what I wanted. It even runs cool though I'd guess come summertime I might need to add a cooler.
  7. Type 4?
  8. That roo bar totally spoils the look of your bus
    Ill do you a favour and take it of your hands and thus your bus will look so much better the colour of paint wont bother you;)
  9. type1 1600 tp but they are tight. didn't know if to use plus gas on them. one way or another they need to be coming out. and broke my breaker bar so taking it to a garage and use theirs...

    that was on the gland nut...
  10. Double nut them, and use a good blow torch to heat the case up... they can get in there pretty tight
  11. done double nut and they both turned, tomorrow its going to be 3 nuts with washer inbetween. thought the mag cases didn't like flames.....
  12. An engine as ours is knackered!!!!
  13. The case is more aluminium than magnesium... hence how you can weld them with no issues!! :thumbsup:

    I double nut, but you want to grip the two spanners together while trying to undo the stud, this should keep the nuts locked together and stop them spinning on the thread!! :)
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  14. Have you measured the thrust yet
    If your case has been machined before
    It may have been cut at its maximum
    My case was unusable because it had been cut so much
  15. Ha ha ,no way pal the roo bars have saved the front twice now ,once with a vw passat reversing into me and another hitting a deer in Glencoe ,over 2 grand to fix the car and sadly the deer died ,but not a mark on my bay bar a broken spot light. The bars are keepers
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  16. rear disc brakes and a red 9 front end......... then the next £...its ready for a turbo scooby engine oooooosh then a lighter units inside..
  17. so far I have found it has standard bearings so I have fingers and toes crossed the rest will be ok. I broke my breaker bar on the gland nut so taking it to my local garage for them to loosen it for me, then will split the case.....
  18. Fingers crossed for you
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