£3000 to spend on your camper now!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Barneyrubble, Jan 1, 2016.

  1. If I had £3K spare it wouldn't go on the bus, but with that sort of money, I'd buy a decent compressor, a good quality DA, various tools, plenty of prep materials (pre paintwork) a kettle for the garage, some shelving and some sessions on a rolling road...
  2. Get the engine sorted so it starts and runs sweetly, new rock n roll bed, all the seats re-covered, retrosound radio, clock for the dash..... mostly frivolous stuff that I can't justify right now, plus any change left over.... a ferry ticket of course. :)
  3. Take care .. I heaved the studs out out of my dead engine case to make it smaller to store and basically I wound the thread out of the alloy wrapped round the stud as a spiral of swarf rather than unscrewed the stud. If I ever want to use that case again it will need case savers.
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  4. its looking like the crank will need grinding and align bore so I take it the studs have to be removed.. probably looking at putting bigger barrels on aswell so the holes will need making bigger.
  5. If I had £3000 to spend then I would buy all the body panels it needs, finish the fuel injection and restyle the interior and fit soundproofing.
    And start collecting eBay bits for the 1776 EFI engine and the badly described Freeway Flyer gearbox..

    Oh well I dont have the £3000 but I am sure I will spend that and more over the next few years..
  6. On later cases they screw into inserts in the case so you don't have this problem
  7. This case had some inserts across the top row of studs and none at the bottom. Its a 10mm studded case and Remtec may have chewed on it in the past. Its still useful for mocking up the layout of bits of the K-Jetronic CIS fuel injection system which has been sourced from eBay - VW , Porsche and XR3i bits are in there...
  8. I do find it interesting that most postings seem to involve tarting up , lowering or making the van go faster - not much involving reliability or actually using it ....


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    Thats £1 each then
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  10. maybe a respray but prob replace some dodgy panels and paint them to match the rest....
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    He said 3k not 10 k
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  12. In that case I better ask @Barneyrubble for more money then
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  13. what and a glassa wata ta go with ya slica bread :eek:
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    Oy cheeky! I'm not talking high end. Bit of mdf and crimplene :)
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  15. Id go for the Red9 det up on Major and lower the back end down one spline :D

    or put the money into building a 2.4 type 4 motor for him..one or the other :thumbsup:
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    Ah the old crumpolinof ,cant beat it for that homely lived in look
  17. I'd spend it on girls, drugs booze and a music system for the bus............id probably just waste the rest :)
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  18. I'd buy a 3k bike to go on the back of the t25 ,maybe a new lhs windscreen wiper (rubber)...
  19. Scooby conversion and then put the perfectly good type 4 engine on the mantlepiece.
  20. Bigger is better - like t1's there's an "easy" one to do, I think it's 78 crank. With 104 Pistons - 2650cc. :thumbsup:
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