Worst car you've ever driven??

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  1. So, the work van (renault traffic) went in today for a new gearbox after less than 25000 miles:(, the replacement van i was due to collect apparently had a fault :mad: so they asked "will a car be ok?" "Go on then" I said as i was working on a site all day.

    So i wait with baited breath for aforementioned vehicle to be brought to the front, then out of the shadows, rolls a.......................DACIA DUSTER :eek:

    Without a doubt THE worst car i've ever had the misfortune of driving.

    So whats the worst car you've driven??
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  2. Probably the cheapest too !
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  3. bernjb56

    bernjb56 Administrator

    Most cars I’ve hired have been okay. I really didn’t get on with the Renault Captur though. Almost as bad in the wind as a bay.
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  4. What made it so bad?
  5. Suzuki Alto. My petrol lawnmower has more grunt.
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  6. In no particular order,
    The gearbox was awful
    The road noise was horrendous
    They're not fitted with stereos from factory, so they have cheapo halfords jobbies in
    It handled like a turd on a roller skate
    Vague steering
    Zero power

    Should i go on :D
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  7. I hired one a couple of years ago, absolute pants :(
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  8. 1F7A248C-DCC7-44F3-A2CC-3D00CBBDA876.jpeg

    Daihatsu terios
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  9. I did however drive an i3 the other day, a work pool car and although it looks horendous, it was a suprisingly nice drive, i wouldn't pay the extortionate amount they charge for one but was ok a commuter
  10. We had a seat Ibiza we bought off a neighbour for £150 many years ago. We drove it all over the country- it was crap but in a cheery kind of way.
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  11. Should really be used to bad shouldn’t we :D. I view cars more as a means as from getting from a to b as economically as is required . They are money pits and where in this country can you use power safely these days , look at prince .P :eek:
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  12. Fiat seicento and Dacia Logan

    Truly crap
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  13. I hired one in Cyprus years ago and loved it ...... it is a Terios, right ?

    Kia Picanto. .couldn't find a road situation that allowed me to get into top gear.
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  14. Merlin Cat

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    I’ve just seen that on the news. Hopefully he’s not hurt as surely any bump when you’re 97 doesn’t do you any good.

    Imagine being the one who hit him and getting out to check they’re ok and seeing who it was!! You’d have to hope your own car was in top condition. Imagine hitting him in a Bay, traffic police would be on a roll! I guess he has Crown Immunity too.
  15. Yes one wonders , doesn’t one , still direct line will sort it no doubt :D
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  16. And injury lawyers direct ☺
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  17. Dazza

    Dazza Eyebrow not high brow

    Mitsubishi - L200 Warrior - don’t think they’re all bad - I just bought a ‘ wrong un’
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  18. My Aston Martin
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  19. Mettalic blue X reg Nissan cherry.
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  20. My mates v12 e type , made me very very ill , almost sick , I was shaking soo bad

    I had to give it back :(

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