Tweed's 78 bay resto

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  1. I'm starting my restore thread because a few family and friends have been asking me how i'm getting on with my German mistress, also due to this being my first restore I might need a bit of advice from you guys so a few pics to show where i'm at should help:)

    To recap its a 78 Kombi, an abandoned project found in a garage 60 miles up the road. 169k on the clock, fitted with a 1.6 AS single port tho says 2.0 on the reg.

    Collection from PO
    IMG_2713.jpg IMG_2727.jpg IMG_3008.jpg IMG_2734.jpg IMG_2724.jpg IMG_3023.jpg IMG_3026.jpg IMG_3691.jpg
    Few pic's of body work and subframe
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  2. Wow that's a big project, good luck mate! Keep the pics coming
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  3. IMG_3692.jpg 019.jpg

    Started removing as much rust as i could also dropped the engine to take into work

    IMG_3001.jpg IMG_3698.jpg

    IMG_3720.jpg IMG_3726.jpg IMG_3730.jpg IMG_3732.jpg IMG_3733.jpg IMG_3738.jpg
  4. IMG_3740.jpg IMG_3741.jpg IMG_3743.jpg IMG_3744.jpg IMG_3745.jpg IMG_3747.jpg IMG_3758.jpg
    Alt after wire brush
    IMG_3770.jpg IMG_3762.jpg
    Wire brush on drill for the block
  5. IMG_3764.jpg
    Off to the shot blast

    Made this to keep the shot out of the inside of the tubes
    IMG_3792.jpg IMG_3875.jpg
    After shot blast..
    IMG_3880.jpg IMG_3881.jpg
    clean and paint all the SB steel
    IMG_3794.jpg IMG_3796.jpg
    Remove valves and start cleaning 35 years of crud.
  6. IMG_3797.jpg
    Defiantly could do with being re-lapped
    Small grinding stone took a lot of the rough stuff off, then used fine sand paper.
    Learn to love the wire brush ;)
    IMG_3848.jpg IMG_3803.jpg IMG_3885.jpg
    Few before and afters
    IMG_3782.jpg IMG_3783.jpg
    Meanwhile back at the ranch..........
    Removed both cross members

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  7. IMG_3853.jpg
    Started removing the floor
    IMG_3852.jpg IMG_3855.jpg
    IMG_3774.jpg IMG_3920.jpg
    And dodgy repairs
    Removed both rear top hats and sections of the front.

    Also removed Heat XC conduit as i plan to fit aux heater.
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  8. Dubweiser

    Dubweiser Moderator

    Cracking work, keep it up, oh and keep the pictures coming - TLB loooooovvvveeeeesssss pictures :)
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  9. Not sure what most of those 'engine bits' are :oops: - but it looks like you're doing a cracking job cleaning it all up. Well done that man!
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  10. Nice work mate your going at a good speed
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  11. Good to see another resto thread. Good luck :)
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  12. some good work going on fella - well done with the engine rebuild, your doing a great job!
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  13. Bit more engine work
    Lapped in piston tubes
    and valves useing a drill (leave the stick spinning to Ray Mears)
    Painted the block in high temp paint :)
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  14. At a catch 22 with this restore, work at the body on my days off or do overtime to pay for the parts so I"m taking the overtime while i can get it, but at least I'm getting somewhere with the engine:)

    Fitted new rings then heated up pistons on hot plate slightly
    Tubes fitted
    Thread-locked and fitted studs
    Heads on with new push rod tubes
    Torque heads down
    New oil pump fitted
    Set tappets
    The bolts supplied with these covers were far too big, starting to see a pattern with all this aftermarket gear:mad:
  15. IMG_4129.jpg
    Bult up alternator
    Oli cooler on
    Head shrouds
    Went for the pertronix flamethrower coil
    And accuspark plugs
    Changed the dizzy to Accuspark electronic ignition and fitted the rest of the bits with new gaskets
    Getting there, hopefully bench run it soon:thumbsup:
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  16. Nice work!
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  17. Coming along nicely mate
    Word of warning though those transaparent dizzy caps cause all sort of problems
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  18. Remember the saying "chrome don't getcha home" too.
  19. First post in a good while, managed to lose my camera (and a little piece of myself) in Ibiza, so these pics aren't the best quality.

    So the engines finished and is in storage, lost all them pics unfortunately.

    I now have the gearbox is work cleaning it up

    Back home i started removing all the waxol from the chassis

    The plan at the start of this build was to have someone do the welding for me but after a guy came out and made a b@llox of a crossmember i decided i was just going to buy a welder and do it myself. So i done a bit of research, adjusted my budget a few times and ended up going for this machine

    I got a few hours practice in with different gauges of metal till i was happy before going near the bus

    Gear box support beam

    Inner torsion bar

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  20. IMG_3761.jpg IMG_3768.jpg

    Started the Jacking points

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