Today is Get Out Your Guitar Day

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  1. Ah, that’s interesting. Thanks. I have a friend at our uke group who uses Lee Oskars, and they sound real good. Have to say the Special 20 is pretty easy to play, and get those bends too.
  2. Aps


    I have an HT5 that I love for those Marshall sound with out the tinitus. Blackstar does some great gear
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  6. I have posted my collection on here before.
    I play most evenings as it helps me chill out.
    I'm on the look out for either a 1979 strat or les Paul at the moment to add to the others.
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  7. Just learn A, D and E. Play Any Foo Fighter song then!
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  8. thats all of em.. !
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  9. I play a bit, only a little bit. But I am fortunate in the fact that I can walk into any guitar shop and pick up the dearest one there, play it through the most expensive amp and pedal bank there and make it sound just as bad as the cheapest one.
    It’s a skill...
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  10. :lol:

    I'm sure the Foo Fighters wouldn't want me doing that :(
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  11. All you need is a battered Burns and an AC30, sorted.
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  12. I’ve had me tea, thanks...
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  13. Now being totally and utterly useless at playing the guitar and knowing nothing about them you cant fool me.
    Dumble clone was the headmaster at Hogwarts in Potty Harry!:rolleyes:
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  14. We bought our 13yr old son his first acoustic guitar last week as he decided he wanted to get off the X-Box (which I’m all for). He elected the “Washburn” electro acoustic over the “Yamaha” but we’ve had trouble finding a local tutor to give him lessons.


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  15. I like the wall mounts.....could do with one for the sons room to get his out of harms way.
  16. 3878C5CC-AD9A-4703-84C8-7C8A2E0AC91C.jpeg

    A couple of ‘em.
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  18. Get him a chord book. Only need to know 3 or 4 to make a song. Plenty of really easy lessons on YouTube. Look up Marty Swartz. He great for beginners and better players, too. It’s all in muscle memory in the fingers. Takes about a month or two to form chord shapes, but once you get your head around it.... Obviously time is a factor for the older new players, but for him, he’ll be strumming around the camp fire by summer!
  19. I forgot to add a Watkins Rapier, Hofner Verithin or Burns Sonic to my list :thumbsup:
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