Today is Get Out Your Guitar Day

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by bernjb56, Feb 11, 2019.

  1. One isn't a collection is it.
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    These are the ones I use.
  3. Just remember it's all about the stance!!
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  4. Ha ha ha! That's like just having one bike!
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    What part of the world are you in? I teach guitar on the Derbys/Notts boarder. It can be difficult to find the right tutor and it is not a bad idea try a few until you find one that fits.
    The rgt is a respected specialist in guitar education and has a vast data base of registered tutors. Have a look here for a tutor in your area.
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    One is only enough if you don't own a guitar. The most accurate figure for enough is one more than you already have.
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  7. That's the same principle I apply to motorcycles!
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  8. How many you got?
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    I also have that affliction,
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  10. Last summer I had 7 all from the 1970's Honda CB250, 400 and 750, Suzuki TS185 , GT250 and GS750 together with a 1200 Bandit. I've sold a few over the winter and I'm left with the CB250, TS185, GT250 and the Bandit
  11. Pic of your CB750. Please.
  12. Yeah, let’s see...
  13. waynes-world-no-stairway-300x150.jpg
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  14. 2.jpg osf.jpg 1.jpg s-l1600.jpg os.jpg
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  15. Pics added
  16. the second one, it was the first of the square ones which is why I never took to it as I like my bikes "round"

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  17. Round tanks (K3?) and indicators definitely looked better.
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  18. Had a black Honda CB750FB myself.......loved it but always wanted the CB900

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