Today is Get Out Your Guitar Day

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    The history of Get Out Your Guitar day is simply unable to be recorded. Ever since the first version of a guitar was created, man has desired to escape the mundane and take some time to dream. Bards and storytellers of old became the pop stars of today. All with the ability to make music and take us along on their adventures. Whether it is the heartache of relationships or the ringing anthems of those who seek for change, the music sweeps us up and gathers us along. Remember that joy that you had the first time someone heard you playing and recognised the song? That is what today is about.

    I know we have a lot of guitar owners on here, but do we have guitar players?

    I play a bit most days - especially if I'm short of steps on my fitbit :D

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  2. cool i play bass...
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  3. Aps


    I teach guitar and used to play for eight hours or more a day until life got in the way. Been giging regularly for the past 30 years and enjoyed every second of it all.
  4. This is my current guitar family. A Strat, two cigar box guitars and an acoustic “project” I hope to get round to restoring before too long. There should be a Hofner President bass there too, but @scrooge95 is looking after it until such time as a) she decides to sell it, and b) I have the funds to buy it! :D
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  5. gibson.jpg

    Just need to know how to play it :D
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    Today's theme song - Pick up your guitar and play :)

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  8. I'll try but dont hold your breath, its an ongoing project!
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  9. I’ve not played as much over the last few years with the van eating most of my time. Hoping to change that this year. I still play at an annual charity event with some of my closest friends, and played at my best mates wedding last year which was soo much fun. In action at Palmstock last year:

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  10. Gorgeous!

    The Telecaster, not you James :D
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    Loving the Tele Fender amp combo. Im a big fan of Fender amps having got a Deluxe a Deville and the Dumble clone in this picture

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  12. I never did manage to master playing the guitar. Something i've wanted to be able to play since i was at school but i've not even taken it out of its bag in a good few years. :oops:
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  13. Guitars I’d like to own if I were loaded.
    In no particular order...
    Fender Tele
    Fender Jazzmaster
    Fender Precision bass
    Gibson Les Paul Deluxe (not Standard or Custom...oh no, gotta be the Deluxe)
    Flying V
    Melody Maker (Single cutaway)
    Gibson Byrdland
    Gibson ES175
    Gibson ES335
    Gibson L5
    Gibson J200
    Gibson Hummingbird
    Gibson J45
    Martin D18
    Rickenbacker 330
    Rickenbacker 330/12
    Musicman Steve Morse

    Er .... and lots more probably. :D
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  14. I have a cigar box one and a Spanish guitar - but my son has a 1983 Fender Strat that we bought him for his 16th birthday - now rarely used - I might have to buy it back off him. Meanwhile I'll stick with my blues harps.
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  15. Note the three pickups. It’s a Nashville tele so gets one extra pickup.

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  16. I have a couple of harps, Hohner Special 20 C and a Suzuki Bluesmaster G. I have a few more cheap ones but they’re a bit rubbish really. Marine Band A next probably. I’m not that good but I’m learning, love playing them though :thumbsup:
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  17. That was a borrowed amp, they’re bloody good for the size. My usual amp is a Blackstar HT 20.

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    Pick up your guitar and play

    Until the lawman comes says move along...
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  19. Inherited an acoustic guitar from my younger brother. I tried to teach myself from YouTube, but every time I picked it up, I had forgotten yesterday’s lesson. Unfortunately, I have no musical ability whatsoever. Can’t even be bothered to put a cd on nowadays. It’s easier to ask Alexa :lol:
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  20. I always bought Hohner harps - still have the first one I bought in 1965 - a SuperVamper in C, although it is rather worn out now. Then I was in London about 10 years ago around Covent Garden - there was a blues band playing in the street and I went up and asked the bloke with the harp what make he was using as it sounded great - Lee Oskar - so I bought 5 of them after that. Cheaper than Hohner and easier to bend the notes (unlike Marine Band that has rather stiff reeds that don't bend easily so blues playing isn't that smooth).
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