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  1. scooby 5 speed conversion is awesome.

    @Baysearcher has had both a VW box and a subarugears box and can advise with actual real world experience of both on whether its worth it or not
  2. coolant problems solved, got a bit yellow snowed off with it tbh so I'll share what I did to fix. This is just what worked for me with a underbelly rad setup. I've got bends and all sorts so it doesn't flow as smoothly as I'd like but its just the way it is.

    Initial very first fill (a year ago now I think) was ok, I had the van jacked up high and did little at a time, over 3 or 4 days it went smoothly but recently I've made some changes to coolant pipes and opened up a load of hassles so hope this helps to avoid my aggro.

    In changing the pipes around I lost a lot of coolant and this led to air locks, I think the crux is theres fluid that doesn't drain and this in turn trapped air after refilling. I really had no idea how severe it might be. I think its called a paradox > adding coolant can overheat your engine.

    First test run I hit 100 + deg quite quickly and blew a lot of coolant but got home ok, some research I realised airlocks but could I get the buggers out!. I tried running warm and squeezing pipes without the cap on, just gently tricking over... don't do that ! air and water expand differently and before you know it..

    I tried jacking the van up real high and leaving for few days but no joy there, the existing fluid was trapping in the locks. I tried running to get it warm hoping air would work its way out + squeezing pipes before it spilled over but no. (just more mess)

    I bought a vacuum kit to suck air out but that didn't work as well as I hoped, just more lost fluid (trust me I learn quickly but this has made me look like a right tit). It did help me confirm my system was airtight though as it held vacuum for 5 mins test.
    In the end I was a bit sceptical but decided to give this a go (short video link, so van on the floor, an empty milk bottle, some duct tape strapped to the top of the expansion.... and it worked !

    Its really satisfying to see big burps of air coming out. Went for a test run and it held 84 and then back down a bit which was a real relief as I'm done jacking my van up and bathing in coolant. Cheap and simple.
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  3. I got this. Same method to your milk bottle
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  4. Does it work through a head of pressure behind the coolant forcing the air out? Defo going to give it a go once the garage is finished as mine has always run a little warm
  5. I think it works by allowing the air (pump pushing fluid > pushing air) to travel around the system until it gets free, or to be a bit more technical. 'burps'.

    Because air expansion is different and quicker to water, trapped air leads to overflow (if the cap is off). Normally the system is closed (pressurised) cap on so, as I found out, that means busting out the pipes.
    I also figure a moving air block will push coolant out/up.
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