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  1. You should get one like @StuF it helps maintain the noise level you would be used to with an aircooled

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  2. Lol, it's quieter than it was.

    @Kingcal I have a cheapy eBay jobs and it's fine. But I do have a Bosch 008 to go in which is the same as the VW FI pump. But the quality of bosch
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    Mine is running a ebay special, had no problems at all.
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  4. Cheers all, much appreciated!
  5. how do you tell for cetain if your engine is OBDI or OBDII. Mine seems to be on the crossdresser (1995) of when OBDII would have been introduced but possibly (hopefully) Subaru wouldn't have waited until day 1 of MY96 to change all their vehicles..

    Image of my diagnostic plug
    Cheers, Pg

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  6. How many pins has it got they differ between OBD 1 and OBD 2
  7. It will be pre OBD actually uses Subaru protocol SSM. Although it may have a standard OBD port it won't work with a normal OBD tool.

    Subaru Select Monitor, best way to icheck for engine fault is to connect the test connectors and count the number of flashes on the check engine light. Along flashes is a "ten" short flashes are 1. So long, long, short, short is 22
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  8. Hi, and thanks
    I can do the checks using flashes but was wondering if I could install a HUD unit connected via OBDII but I see I can't.
    (HUD=heads up display unit as my RJES speedo isn't actaully any better than the original so was hoping to do it via OBDII.)
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    What pkrboo said. Subaru didn't go obd II till about 98 iirc. The freessm software is dead handy for a bit more info than CEL light. Can't help with the HUD though.
  10. On my old aircooled engine if I wanted a rpm feed I took it off the coil. Would the same work from the coil pack, i.e would you find an rpm feed there ?
  11. No, you need to take it from the ECU.

    However it is a 5v feed from the ECU and most older gauges take a 12v feed. There is a guy who makes an upconverter to "boost" the signal so it will work properly in 12v gauges

    I'll find a link.

    What rpm gauge do you have?
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  13. Right, I see. You need to find out if that system needs a 12v coil input but the same as before really if it does then I don't see why the upconverter won't work
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  14. This is going a bit off topic as I'm doing (edit: I have completed and running now) LPG install on my bus so won't post anymore on this as the thread would get messed up but what I found out is.
    Which one on the coil pack input would be a trigger wire ? On the coil pack typically you will have at least 2 trigger wires. Test with a multimeter, you want one of the wires at 0v when the ignition is on - on the side of the coil pack connector where it feeds back into the engine loom, not the HT side.

    How I work out what is the negative side of the injector pair of wires.
    No (connection to earth), it will go to the ecu so wont have connection directly to earth. It's the wire that doesn't have 12v on with ignition switched on and injectors unplugged

    So in a nutshell Subaru is up and running lovely, done 1300 miles on it, and now its converted to run LPG. Reliability and good mpg (for an auto bus).
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  15. Is the use of a signal converter fairly common? Or do you know if alot of newer gauges work within the 5v-12v range?
  16. Either or mate. Older TACHS need the converter.

    Newer ones may not although razzy needed one in his.
  17. Still never managed to get it to work
  18. Thought it was working now? Didn't I wire in a converter for it?
  19. No. I used the scan gauge now instead.

    Maybe have a look next time we meet

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