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Discussion in 'Modified Shizzle' started by lowie, May 7, 2019.

  1. I don’t know what you are gloating about grumps you’ve only got half of one :)
  2. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    Ha ha ha
    Sad act.
  3. So you will grief Subaru engines as a modification, but your sort of modifications are OK?

    People should be able to do what they want to their buses

    People who have modified their buses are in no position to criticise the modification choices others make!

    100% air coooled for me, but no problem with the Subaru crew or any choices anyone else makes
  4. I've always said your bus your rules
    With my bus it makes sense for me to Subaru it
    Simply because I want more reliably and to be able to travel further without the will it wont
    It get there hanging over my head
    And with the cost of type 4 engines rising like they are to convert to a Subaru lump makes sense

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  5. Oi !
    I only ever asked a question years ago
    About using a second hand engine
    And ever since then I was got at
    And me being me
    I went with it and then the bantering got out of control
    I really and truly don’t have any beef
    With anyone or their choice of engine
    However I think there is still one
    Who rattles my cage
    That’s too bad
    My opinion means jack sht that’s all
    But it’s my opinion Ok:)
  6. Id say your opinion is valid and wanted on most matters.
    It just seems hypocritical for a (former) modified bus owner to criticise other peoples modification ideas if it includes a Subaru engine
  7. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    Fixed that for you.
  8. Well there you go
    Thanks so much for that
    We can let this run an run
    As you wish grumps
  9. @Baysearcher

    you two should get a room to discuss your love/hate of each other/subaru

    I dont think there has been a subaru thread where you haven't baited each other!
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  10. I'm keeping out of this. :D
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  11. I didn’t think It would be long
    Before you turned up Wilf :rolleyes:
  12. have you ever thought
    Screenshot 2019-05-09 at 13.52.55.png
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  13. So stop bringing it up or wading in with an opinion, and having a pop @Baysearcher every time someone mentions it, be the bigger person and let it go.
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  14. Ok cool I won’t mention it again
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  15. PIE


    I like classic vans, but none of these mods are irreversible , given a Scoobied red 9'd van the replacement parts and a welder you could return it to stock in a day so Im not sure what all the tearing the heart out of it stuff is about.
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  16. PIE


    I once got the shell of a van that someone had cut to bits and tried to fit to a complete Porsche chasis engine and suspension, it went into their too difficult basket, got it back together in a couple of days.
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    The mot changes are easy to interpret. most vans will be MOT exempt as well as tax exempt under the rolling 40 year exemption. However if you have an engine change to say a subaru then the vehicle can be deemed to be "substantially changed" . That really only means that come the time of Taxing ( because you still have to tax at the zero rate ) there is a declaration which you choose to respond to IF you have modified your vehicle .. if you have done so you may have substantially changed it .. in which case you are not entitled to MOT exemption but you still get free tax.

    Another thing is there is no need for proof of fitting when notifying the change of engine in a tax exempt vehicle since the proof was simply to keep the DVLA up to speed of the revenue cost for taxable vehicles .. If your into this old stuff you need to keep up to speed on the regs ... Its kinda annoying that folk think because there vans are mot exept that its a licence for them to be complete junk and used on the road , forgetting that they are still subject to construction and use regs which cover more than any MOT ..

    That said, im still up for a subaru conversion on my van.. ( I mot mine regardless ) Ive got the whole kit on a pallet at the back of the garage .. had a look at the wire loom the other day .. then put it back in the box lol.. will get around to thinning it out and hooking it up to the engine before I make the leap to the physical swap..
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  18. This is my mates Scooby engine done by Fellows... This pulls so hard it's unture, it literally raises the front of the bus if he gives it some..

    Raises a lot of eyebrows as he belts down the freeway[​IMG]

    So what's the best oil to use?
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  19. 5w30 synthetic

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  20. You should know better ;)

    So what's the best oil to use?
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