Seriously thinking Subaru

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  1. I agree 100% - in the UK; unfortunately in some countries an alternative engine is not (legally) an option.
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  2. I'm currently at around 4800 for a drive in drive out however that may go down depending on any deals I can get with suppliers.
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    I paid just over that nearly 10 years ago, that is a fantastic price!
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  4. There has been talk of MOT changes
    In the UK
    And My van would of came into that category
    This was one of the reasons why I sold
    My van
    You have to be aware of any changes in
    The law
    Because I think running a classic car in uk is going to be slowly made more difficult
    If I’m allowed to speak o_O
  5. I’m surprised more people don’t go polo/Brazilian t2 rather than Subaru.
  6. cos ts a weak underpowered 1.4 engine
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  7. rip the heart out of and only end up with 70 bhp like i started with.. ha ha. what's the point?

    that is a very good proposition. do you keep the type 4 motor for that price?
  8. I’m not.
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  9. no, unless you dont want it. if i find a buyer for it then i would take that off the bill if not its your to keep or sell on as you see fit.
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  10. What category? Was it modified?

    The changes to the MOT make it easier to run a classic in the UK; you don’t need to bother about it being road worthy.
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    Most of the MOT changes in the UK were triggered by Euro white papers designed to protect Ferrari and Bentley owners.

    A number of cars came to market built from various surviving parts, put on custom made chassis or taken off a lesser car (R type Bentleys being rebodied as Le Man like 3.5 and 4.5 Blower Bentleys).

    I put mine through its MOT last month, after an 18 month lay up, drove it home from storage, dropped the oil and plugs, fresh petrol and it flew it's MOT. I have doubts an old VW mil would pass emissions with zero fettling.

    Personally, anything that gets them on the road and in use can only be a good thing, no?
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  12. Suspension front and rear
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  13. Moons

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    What you had done?
  14. Weedeater front beam
    Adjustable spring plates on rear
    Type 1 engine as opposed to type 4
    And not forgetting my Flat 4 slots
    That you liked so much :D
    Which had different tyre sizes front and rear
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    The MOT person would never have spotted them in my opinion.
  16. The new owner has not presented it for an MOT
    expiry was last summer
    Gov site says the you could be fined notice
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    Most MOT testers were not born when these things finished production.

    Unless you find the odd one with a penchant for VW - they really don't know or care if the thing has original torsion bars or a red nine coil over set up.

    They test on what they see in front of them - I'm not an expert of DVLA, but even the type approval guys are only equipped to judge what they see in front of them, not compare to it to a vehicles original spec sheet.

    The theory of these wide ranging 'policies' and the fact on how they work on the ground are very different.
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  18. nah its fine m8 nice to see some banter :)
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  19. Dont mot mine and even if i went scoobie now i wouldnt. The “man” can go screw himself. Ive been playing nicely for too long now If i had the readies id go scoobie tomorrow i think! Go for it. As for comparisons with type 4s then ive seen Matts bus disapear into the distance at some fair old rate when i was foot to the floor!
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  20. Ken el
    Better I got out when the going was good then:)

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