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  1. Well I use 5w40 actually. But then my Scooby’s a turbo.

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  2. That's more like it :-D

    So what's the best oil to use?
  3. if you know the reg of your donor car you can go here (or others like gsf etc) and enter the reg, it will give you a list of suitable oils.
    As example mine was a 1994 2.0 suby, reg L190 SEW

    will give you a list of the right grade oils so for me would be 5W/30, 10W/40, 5W/40.
    My last change was using Castrol Edge Pro Longlife 5W30 but I feel its running hotter than I want so will change that next time and try 10W/40.

    I read "The slightly thicker oil film from the heavier base weight oil — 10W — can help protect worn engine bearings as well. As long as you're not hearing knocking or serious mechanical noises from the engine, the heavier oil should buy you many more miles of service from your vehicle" Mines (like most donors) done about 90k so I'm going to use 10W from now on.
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    My V5 shows the Subaru engine number and capacity, has done for the last 9 years.

    Put the van through its MOT in Feb, no questions or issues.

    As I've said a few places, the majority of MOT testers weren't born 45 years ago and thus don't know what is supposed to be there and what isn't. It really is a non issue this one.
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  5. I would have thought virtually all T2s were exempt now? 40 yr exemption would be 1979.
    Having said that I plan to put mine in for MOT next month just for my own peace of mind, they check things a lot of owners might overlook including me
  6. Sell that Lambretta and you'll be halfway towards the cost of it !
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  7. Not a problem if your coming from a stock set-up and looking for economy and reliability and maybe even a little less polluting?
  8. @pkrboo got any scooby porn to show me:)
  9. no not yet, busy working poptopkitchen at the weekend. starting on your engine this week though
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  10. :)
  11. Just for info, but we have just registered our imported bus which is Scooby converted. The subaru engine was declared in the DVLA application, in the evidential photos and the engine number was provided. They sent an Inspector out who also noticed and photographed the engine and two weeks later, we got a v5, as well as the vehicle already being taxed and showing as mot exempt...but, based on the rules, next year when the free tax is up for renewal, I'll have to declare the mods and have to mot it (which I will anyway). You can see why there is some confusion around the rules.

    The engine conversion has cost well under £2000, but I have done everything myself with the exception of the bell housing and loom. A six rib is to come as the box that came with the bus is noisy. It shifts considering it's just an EJ20...
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  12. So if your currently mot exemt and a Subaru lump just happens to appear overnight in the engine bay you're not required to mot till the tax renewal
    I thought as soon at it was Subaru ed you lost your mot exemtion
    My plan was to mot it come home drop engine/ hopefully gear box paint engine bay load on low loader send it up pkrboo

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