Rebuilt Gearbox, Poor selection and noisy.

Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by Patrick Nguyen, May 20, 2019.

  1. That is awful. You’d expect it maybe on a cheapy recon, not on a supposedly pro rebuild.
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  2. yes indeed it is.
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  3. Classy!
  4. don't worry I’ll put it right.
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  5. The previous owner quotes:

    It cost me to get it built up a shade over £1200 and was done last year barelycovering 200 miles.

    Work was done by Limebug who claim they replaced several interior parts etc.

    Someone is making up that this was a gearbox in perfect condition 200 miles from a rebuild.
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    But what cost £1200, gearbox rebuild alone or gearbox change and repair?
  7. You’re saying that the guy you bought it from was “unaware” of any noise from the box, Patrick? Did he get it from Heritage or Limebug - a bit confusing.
  8. I thought Heritage used Rancho boxes, maybe they've changed suppliers.
  9. I kind of lost track of the origins/history of the box.
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    Apart from the box being sha99ed; this thread makes no sense at all.
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  11. I think the seller of the gearbox told porky pies. When the box was purchased did it come with documentation/invoices to prove its origin and rebuild work and did it come with a guarantee. If none of those things then the box was purchased as seen and has turned out to be a dud.

    Where is the original gearbox and what is wrong with it?
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  12. HHHhhmmmmmm,, ^^^ that’s starting to stack up more than the rebuild and the twelve hundred quid. I’m also thinking that your other box, if unmolested, may prove to be a more likely candidate for repair as it is more likely not to have so many issues as this one here. Get shot and maybe get your money back or just strike it off your memory and put it down to experience and give it away , whatever you like but life’s too short and way too short to be reminded by a gearbox whining when you’re out and about enjoying yourself in your bus.

    Ozziedog,,,,,,,,, Start afresh, :)
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  13. Looking at the photos, it looks like the thing has been racing....
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  14. I'd say unlikely, all the wear here is typical on 50 year old gearbox (its a 68).
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  15. The previous owner quoted:

    Evening Patrick, I have checked with Limebug and the warranty was for 40000 miles or 1 year, whichever came first and as this has past i am sorry to say that its not applicable. I am not wanting to sound condescending but I know for a fact the gearbox was in top condition because it was in my own van and the reason it was removed was so the van could be converted to an auto and the gearbox was barely run in, with perfect shifting and definitely no bearing noises. I think you have made a mistake.
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    The previous owner lies like a cheap rug.
  17. the only part that was replaced was ring and pinion. it would be interesting to see the original invoice, but from the gearbox sale thread I gather that it has been lost? did the replacement invoice ever arrived?
  18. I’d be tempted to send him a few of @nobody ’s pics. Probably won’t get you anywhere, but you’ve got to call him out on what seems like blatant fibbing.
  19. old diff bearings are out and new ones go in

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