Rebuilt Gearbox, Poor selection and noisy.

Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by Patrick Nguyen, May 20, 2019.

  1. Still using bazza's hair cream on your Johnson??
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  2. I bought A Rancho recon CE gearbox
    From Heritage
    I must say I was never overwhelmed with it
    I was expecting it to be a lot quieter than what it was
    I ran it for 1000 or so miles changed the Oil
    it still whined like an unhappy spouse
    I wish I’d kept the old one that had little wrong with it apart from being a bit leaky o_O
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  3. OOOH !! that will sting :eek:
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  4. Hi the gearbox you have is very early c0 or more likely ca (got more pics?), so that be 1968 - 1972 years, there are few weakness there, the one that will be most likely affecting you is the 1st gear freeplay shim, they get hammered resulting in no freeplay between 1st gear and pinion bearing, that will affect the 1/2 gears. Gears get overheated plastic bearing cages melt away. if you get noise when stationary, you have other problems there too.
    (the shim is no 16)

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  6. clutch shouldnt matter as the noise stops when he depress the clutch, confirms that thrust bearing is ok and the noise comes from the mainshaft ( at least when stationary) moving noises will be also pinion shaft/ diff etc.
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  7. I was hoping this wasn't going to be the diagnosis, so much easier if it was the release bearing, but it does sounds like its a problem in the output, diff, R&P, main shaft whatever.. :(
  8. I'd say its the shim that is gone, no clearance = melted cages and damaged 1/2. noise is when the mainshaft is spinning damaged 1/2 idler gears with broken bearings.
    this is how the 1st idler bearing looks when starts to melt from friction between 1st and pinion bearing.
  9. Thanks everybody. I am pretty certain nobody has the fault here. The previous owner said it was still under warranty when I brought it so I will see if VWH will repair it or replace it. Still waiting to hear from him, but for the 2K he spent it must have been a bad rebuild. I only paid £700, but for a broken box it is not great.

    I would take the box apart and fix myself, but I have no idea where to get the specialist tools and a hydraulic press in the shed will raise a few eyebrows with the wife.
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  10. do you still have your old gearbox, incidentally what was your reason for changing it.
  11. Most of gearboxes are very tired by now and the ones that go through big shops are normally exchange boxes so most of the times have failed as not may people gives a damn about them until they go.
    Its a messy job but i can repair it for you.
  12. Yes I would love to drop my boxes to you.
  13. Is that a euphemism? ;)
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  14. So I have opened this gearbox, pictures will follow soon but so far none of the bearings were replaced and diff side adjusters have two different (original) seals, so this also means that the bearing race (at least for one side of the diff) are not matching the diff bearings (diff races and bearings are also worn not check the mainshaft and pinion bearings yet). The mainshft bearing is held by two screws and noscone remains worn out. So far things look rather poor. it may be that the only part that was changed in this gearbox is ring and pinion. Would be interesting to know if this is indeed supplied by vwh.
  15. How about if he painted it gold snotts :thumbsup:
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  16. Some engagement teeth broken off on 1st gear, wear on diff races and roller bearings, random adjusters IMG_20190608_190616.jpg IMG_20190608_190308.jpg IMG_20190608_190208.jpg IMG_20190608_190249.jpg IMG_20190608_190338.jpg IMG_20190608_190258.jpg IMG_20190608_190314.jpg IMG_20190608_190550.jpg IMG_20190608_190326.jpg
  17. 0.8mm nose cone wear and another one of pitted diff bearing race IMG_20190608_190352.jpg IMG_20190608_190242.jpg
  18. yes it can be repaired and parts are available but this supposed to be rebuilt gearbox (year or so ago by reputable company) and its clear that apart from replacing ring and pinion no other work has been done, diff bearings are mismatched and pitted, this will likely be why the gearbox was noisy. And I haven't stripped the gear stacks yet.
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  19. never changed, original and badly pitted mainshaft bearing. 1.jpg 2.jpg
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