Rear seat belt mount.

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  1. To avoid having the belt reel in the way of the RNR bed you need a 256 kit. Yes you can put the 254 reel on the captive below the window but it will get in the way of the bed folding mechanism.
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  2. A 254 is the wrong belt for the front of a Bay but it could be fitted using the top mount by the shoulder for the reel and the bottom two mounts either side of the seat – a 3-point belt. The correct belt has the reel at the bottom of the B pillar and may have four mounts, but it’s still a 3-point belt.
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  3. Made and fitted these a few weeks back to a converted panel van, loosely copied the idea from someone on earlyb.ay I think, and makes a neat solution for panel van conversions without the standard mounts.



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  4. Very neat. :thumbsup:
  5. Might be a silly question but do all late bays have mounting points for rear seat belts? I’ve read some of the above... should have done this first! Ignore this
  6. No. Some of the delivery vans don't have them.
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  7. Very nice!
  8. No I didn’t fit the bracket as the belt is for a child seat with a back on it and the belt loops through the child seat.

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