My '76 Microbus / Camper : Landyn

Discussion in 'Restorations' started by Lazy Andy, Feb 27, 2012.

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    Told ya :D
  2. So time marches on and this thread doesn't get as much attention as it should, largely because progress is somewhat slow!!

    The last few months have seen a bit of a brake overhaul, seatbelt fixing, sliding door maintenance fog light install and a few other small jobs.

    The bodywork is still deteriorating due to the PO's poor prep and blow over to sell the van combined with a healthy dose of sea air and daily use!! I'm very shortly going to apply for permission to build a garage, so hopefully there will be some decent progress over the winter with body work and a few mechanicals.

    If time and resources permit, a bit of lowering over the summer may be in order too! :)

    But for now, the plan is to keep her on the road all summer and get a good bit of non-commuting use out of her. Hopefully this weekend and the one after should see the little one go on his first camping trips... shortly followed by either a parental nervous breakdown or (common law) divorce!! :D
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  3. I have to have a word with myself... that's a lot of scrolling down the list to find my own resto thread!!

    In news.... I have planning approval for a garage (woohoo) but no funds to build it yet (booo). The plan is still to have this done by the winter so the bus can hibernate this year!

    In other news, we are part lowered!!! :O


    time wasn't on our side yesterday and we only completed 3 corners, but should do the 4th this morning and then need to wait for a couple of finishing parts in the week. Annoyingly the bus is stranded at my brothers so I have to improvise with my travel arrangements for a week :(

    Going to do a separate write up for the lowering with some honest feedback on the products + service used once its settled and set up properly.
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  5. Looks great, Gasburners are my favourite wheel on a bus :thumbsup:
  6. Have to be one of my fav wheels. Looks sweeet

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  7. Mine too... out of all the aftermarket wheels they are the only one that can be adapted to the 112 pcd without compromising the design.
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  8. Heres Major when he looked better than he does now!
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  9. That looks awesome on the front..

    Urgh I need to buy gas burners now

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  10. thanks buddy! Major is under restoration at the moment, he was neglected for a couple of years & went downhill quickly :(
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