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  1. Bugger, not just a loose hub nut then. :mad:
    Gonna have to order a new oil seal kit and try again.
    2018-05-17 14.54.58.jpg
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  2. Replaced the hub oil seal with one of CSPs double lipped kits.
    Seemed to have stopped the leak. :) Stuck a bit of card underneath to see easier.
    2018-06-02 10.24.55.jpg

    Made this pile of wire and a load of heat shrink into a useable loom with all the extra wires i need.
    2018-05-22 16.23.15.jpg

    2018-05-29 16.43.37.jpg

    Few extra holes drilled in underside of dash for fog, spot and HRW switches.
    2018-05-22 16.23.30.jpg

    Loom pulled through into engine compartment.
    2018-06-02 10.25.56.jpg
    Joined in some 7 core cable for future towbar if i fancy one. Just coiled it up under the back seat for now.
    2018-06-02 10.24.37.jpg

    Regulator wired up. Just needs main wire from battery +ve.
    2018-06-03 17.19.39.jpg

    Need to find a bullet connector for the MGB rev counter.
    2018-06-03 17.14.17_LI.jpg

    Fuel tank given some prettifiying.
    2018-05-24 15.34.32.jpg
    Painted the front plate too as it was missing the black before.
    2018-06-03 16.35.18.jpg
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  3. I made a bracket to hold extra relays for uprated headlight loom, spot and fog lights and klaxon horn but screwed up a little and forgot there was dashboard vent hose running through the location i fitted them in. :oops:
    Rebent the bracket the other way and it clears now. :thumbsup:
    2018-06-04 15.56.43.jpg

    Made a couple of bits of loom up to replace the missing ones for the back lights. Whats the bet i find them lying in plain sight when i go in the garage next?
    Getting the wires inside the conduit was a royal PITA though. :mad:
    2018-06-04 17.43.29.jpg
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  4. Got the rest of the engine bay wiring done this afternoon and bolted on the engine lid rain catcher as i was sick of tripping over it.
    2018-06-06 16.19.58.jpg
    Realised it needs to come off again to fit the engine lid badge but that can wait until its colour sanded.

    Bolted a few more bits onto the dash too.
    2018-06-06 16.21.22.jpg
  5. Mate I’ve just started mine 1970 also ,I’m a complete novice I’ve bought a front beam genuine one ,now I’m hoping to start stripping it down this weekend l’m worried about how the steering box & coloum fits to the beam & how difficult is it to do ?
  6. Its a simple enough job to do. The workshop manual does a pretty good job of explaining it. Bentley manual is 100x better than the Haynes though 10x as expensive. :(

    The clamp has a couple of notches in it that corresponds with 2 bumps of weld on the beam where it sits. Aslong as they are on the beam its simple. Not sure what you do if they aren't there. :confused:
    The number 13 stamp should be next to the nub on the beam (closest to the RHS of the car).
    I fitted it the wrong way round (see piccy below) and it sat wrong on the beam.
    2018-04-26 16.26.20_LI.jpg
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  7. Been slowly working my way through the wiring under the bonnet. About 95% of the way done now.
    I need to sort out the wiper motor as the correct one slowed down and stopped years ago and the replacement was the wrong one so kept popping fuses. I'll get my dad to look at it this weekend as i can't find anything wrong with it. :confused:

    Touched up the last few bits of paintwork today.
    2018-06-13 14.48.29.jpg
    2018-06-13 14.47.36.jpg
    2018-06-13 14.48.11.jpg
    2018-06-13 14.48.00.jpg
    2018-06-13 14.47.52.jpg
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  8. Made a start plugging in the new wires i've added to the loom. One or two wires still need making but i've run out of VW specific wiring colours so just having to use what i can find. :oops:
    2018-06-14 16.22.42.jpg
  9. Wiper motor stripped, 1/2 a ton of old grease removed and the internals cleaned before a little bit of grease applied to the gears.
    Tried it out and it works on both speeds and parks too. :thumbsup:
    2018-06-15 15.38.52.jpg

    Dug an old rear bumper out of my dads shed where its sat since the mid 90's. Expecting rusty chrome as it was a Brazilian bumper and has been lying in compost for nearly 2 decades but its actually OK. A couple of small rust spots and a few dents but it'll be useable with a little work. :D
    2018-06-18 14.29.08.jpg
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  10. Don't think i'm gonna get it done for Tatton in 6 1/2 weeks time. Just not enough time to do all the little bits that need doing. Maybe if i put a week or so solid in it then i could manage it but an afternoon here and there just isn't enough on my own. :(
  11. That’s a shame it’s looking great but no point in cutting any corners just to get it finished cause you will only take it apart again to put it right if you do lol keep going you will have a great bug when done :)
  12. Managed to get the main loom through its grommet into the underbonnet area. Still needs the grommet pushing into the hole and the loom pulling through another 4" as the wires don't quite reach the fusebox. :rolleyes:
    2018-06-20 16.29.20.jpg

    Have nearly run out of spade terminals too. I though 100 would be enough. I also realised the thick red cable i used on the split charge relay on my bay was for between the fusebox and headlight switch.
    2018-06-20 16.29.11.jpg
  13. Got the connectors on the wires on the main loom and started connecting up the speedo lights. Found out there one broken warning light for the main beam. :(
    2018-06-22 16.07.06.jpg
    Made a start wiring up the relay block for the uprated headlight loom, horns, fog and spot lights.
    2018-06-22 16.07.39.jpg
    Radio is ready to go in now aswell.
    Modern radio will go in the glovebox but i need an ISO loom plug first. :(
  14. Got 99% of the wiring behind the dash done now. :D
    2018-06-23 17.20.46.jpg
    Just a couple of power wires to the relay to run and the live feed to the interior light and radio in the glovebox.

    Running the wires for the interior light is a job i don't want to do again, but its in now.:thumbsup:
    2018-06-23 17.20.55.jpg

    Still don't have the dash top vents i need. :(
    2018-06-23 17.21.11.jpg

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