My 1970 bug

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  1. Holey cr@p. :(
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  2. That’s going to need more than a quick plate
  3. No quick fix with some papermasha and some under seal;)
  4. Sheet of 2mm steel and a bit of time. ;)
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  5. I found a massive length (like 15ft) of 2.5mm Z section steel behind my garage that'll do for making the chassis legs from as its got nice 90 degree bends in it which saves me trying to bend the stuff.
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  6. I bought some Bilt Hammer Deox-gel a while ago so slathered some on the beetles kick panels as they were covered in surface rust and had loads of rust pock marks even after wire brushing.
    Covered in clingfilm to keep them moist and left for 12 hours or so. The deox-gel turned from a yellowy cream colour to the colour of chocolate mousse. Washed it off this afternoon and gave a quick scrub with a nylon brush. Wish i'd taken a before piccy but they looks 100x better now.

  7. Gave the kick panels a quick coat of black gloss.
  8. [​IMG]

    Got the shell loosely bolted down today. :) First time in years its been held on with bolts.



    Arch gap will close up a bit one theres a full tank of fuel, glass and interior in.
  9. My bug rolled out of the D’Ieteren Auto factory in Belgium 48 years ago today. :eek:
    IMG.jpg~original (2).jpg
  10. I now blame you and @1973daisey for this iv just bought a rotten 67 beetle to restore ;)
  11. Yay. :D

    Spend ages trying to work out how to fit the grease cartridge into my grease gun before realising theres diagrams on the cartridge showing the instuctions. :oops:
    I blame the Guinness. ;)

    Greased up the front beam but didn't do much else as there was a blizzard blowing in my garage.
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  12. Spend ages setting up the pedal stop plate and the brake pedal freeplay. 5-7mm at the pedal as the manual says equates to 1mm at the master cylinder.
    2018-03-18 15.17.58.jpg
    Still need to get a circlip for the brake pedal pushrod as it didn't survive being taken off. :(

    Made myself an engine dolly using the wood from the body dollys i made when painting the shell.
    2018-03-18 15.18.18.jpg

    Trolley jack fits nicely inbetween. :)
    2018-03-18 15.20.11.jpg
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  13. Found the two bolts and nuts that hold the Z bar drop arms on so bolted them into place.
    One more thing off the list. :)
  14. Z bar drop link.
    2018-03-21 10.20.39.jpg

    Still need to fit the axle gaitors. They're a lovely fetching shade of red though. :cool:
  15. 2018-03-27 15.54.35.jpg

    Gonna just paint the bumper silver for now as s/h ones with good chrome are few and far between. :( 2018-03-27 15.54.14.jpg
  16. Had a bit of gravitex left over so painted the underside and topside of the fuel tank.
    2018-04-13 15.29.03.jpg
    It'll get some gloss black enamel eventually.
  17. Stuck the kamei spoiler back on and tested the stainless steel number plate brackets i made.
    2018-04-16 16.58.05.jpg
  18. Reset the clock to zero.
    2018-04-17 14.45.36.jpg
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  19. Finally got the clip for the brake pushrod fitted.
    2018-04-18 15.20.06.jpg
    Repaired the engine lid drip tray as it had a bad repair in one corner.
    2018-04-18 16.02.09.jpg
    Not sure which colour to paint the EMPI 8s in.
    I'm not keeping them black. I like the cast look of the original 2 piece wheels so maybe a matt/satin light grey:

    Or a dark gunmetal grey:

    Or maybe even a metallic gold/copper/brass colour:
  20. I like the gold! Keep at it mate

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